Monday, February 28, 2011

Beastmen vs Orcs & Goblins 2/25 Practice

So I got a game in with Dave for some Fantasy action Friday night.  It was his first game with his newly acquired orcs and goblins.  We used a semi old book/semi new book (choppas) since we don't have the new book but mostly it was just to play and get more familiar with the rules.

My 2500 beastmen:

Beastlord- HA, Shield, The Steel Claws, Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon, Gnarled Hide
Great Bray Shaman- Lvl 4, Extra Hand Weapon, Dispel Scroll, Chalice of Dark Rain
Bray Shaman- Lvl 2, Extra hand Weapon, Shard of Herdstone
Gorebull- GW, Shield, BSB, Armor of Destiny
30 Gor- Extra hand weapons, Full command (both Shaman went here)
26 Ungor Herd- HW/Shield, Full Command (Gorebull goes here)
Tuskgor Charriot
Tuskgor Charriot
6 Minos, Full command, Extra Hand weapon, Beserker Sword
29 Bestigor, Full Command, Standard of Discipline
6 Ungor Raiders
6 Ungor Raiders
5 Harpies, Souct

So what am I missing model wise?  Well I'm short bestigor and those are en route to me.  I'm short some ungor which I just need to pick up some bodies on ebay and I should be able to put them together (I did have some old metal ones for my large herd but I'd like to retire those as they are so puny).  I'm short 2 Minos which I just need to win some bodies on ebay.  Harpies I'm also missing (and are not pictured) but I'm really hoping those will be in the 2nd wave as the old metal models are truly horrendous.

Dave had something like:

Black Orc Warboss- Ogre Blade, Armor of Fortune, Dawnstone
Black Orc Boss- Armor of Desitny
Night Goblin Great Shaman- Lvl 4, Staff of Sorcery, 3 magic Mushrooms
Night Goblin Shaman- Dispell Scroll
30 Nightgoblins- HW/Shield, Boss, 2 Fanatics
30 Nightgoblins- HW/Shield, Boss, 2 Fanatics
40 Orc boyz, Extra hand Weapons, full command
40 Orc boyz, Extra hand Weapons, full command
12 Black orcs, full command, Gorks Waaagh Banner
Spear Chukka
Spear Chukka
Orc Boar Charriot
Orc Boar Charriot
12 Orc Boar Boyz Big unz- Full command, gleaming pendant

I don't think I'll remember enough to do a play by play, and we've caught a few things we did wrong, but I'll put up some pictures with a brief synopsis.

We just decided to play the Mission 1 as it is straight forward and rolled some terrain.  Here is us more or less set up to start.  I think the only thing left if for me to scout my harpies on to the far right hill.

I think this is the end of my turn one.  The harpies (blue skinks) charged and routed his spear chukka.  his orcs didn't try to charge them as they were a good clip away and they might have pulled him too far out of the game had he made it. 

I think this is maybe the end of my turn 2.  His Boars on the far right are tied up with my charriot and I had taken out two with some magic.  All four of his fanatics had come up short and now I've backed up my other units.  I did decide to push forward with my Bestigor, tho they and my gors have taken some heat from goblin magic.

This is a few turns later and the last picture I have.  His chariot in the top left dealt with my ambushing ungors and is making its way back to the main battle.  My chariot on the left had finally routed from his boars and escaped, but my gors and shaman finished the boar boyz off the next round.  My minos are just tearing throuh one goblin unit.  His other goblin unit routed and now my ungors and Gorebull are tied up with one orc horde.  The bestigors and the other orc horde are coming down to the wire.  He had one fanatic end up on his unit and it killed some of his own guys, and that might have tipped the combat in my favor.  On the far right you see his other charriot coming back around to the main battle, about 5 or so surviving black orders returning to combat after killing my harpies and other charriot, and my other ungor raiders about to flee off the table.

In the last turn or so we played:
-My gors got stuck in with his charriot and recovered golbins and killed them.
-His orc horde routed my Gorebull and ungors and they never recovered before leaving the table.
-My Minos got done with his goblins and with +2 attacks started mowing through his orcs.
-The bestigors and other orc horde were killed to a man and we were both left with heroes, but his hero routed.  My lord caught him and chopped him down (if we got those rules right) and then chopped down his chariot when it attacked.

We didn't really roll for more turns as at that point he didn't have much but I had taken significant loses as well.  We got some good practice and we're all learning why some things work and some things don't.

I'll probably try to run this list as is to see how it goes, but I'll put up another post to talk about what I think is working and what isn't based off this one game.

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