Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dundracon 40k Game 1

Yep, ok, nothing huge on the mission and deployment.  I get paired up against a Matt's Space Wolves.  I didn't get a copy of many lists that day, but from what I recall it looked something like this.

Rune Priest
4 Wolf Garud Terminators  with different builds, Including Arjac
Wolf Scout Pack
3 Grey Hunters Packs
3 Long Fangs Packs (with mixed shooty guns)
1 Las/Plas Razor
1 Twin Linked Razor

We placed our four objectives.  I chose to go first hoping I could whittle down some firepower.  I deployed trying to get as much cover as possible.  He set up more or less in a line across, with his wolf scouts outflanking and his two razors in reserve.  He split his Wolf Gaurd so there was one in every squad.

My turn one I advance.  I shoot.  My Lootas basically evaoporate one Long Fang squad.  I think I landed a lucky kill on another long fang squad.  I also drop o rokkit shot onto Arjacs squad and he decides to put it on Arjac with his 2+ save but fails it.

On his turn he does some shooting.  I think he kills 2 Lootas not enough for a check.  I think he immobilizes a buggie.  All in all I fare pretty well.

On my turn 2 my lootas more or less take his black unit of longfangs down to one.  Stuff advances.  I have to decide how i want to roll on his main force.  I think I play it wrong here.  I assault his two units with the ardboyz, and send ghaz and the manz after just his long fangs.  Arjac was me worried, but I really should have just sent Ghaz in there to start winding down.   As it turns out I wipe his long fangs, and my ardboyz die and maybe only kill 1 or 2.  Had I sent Ghaz in there I might have just been better off... but who knows.

His turn 2 and only one razorback comes in.  It takes side shots at the BW but does nothing.  His left most troop squad is taking cover behind a building and my lootas can't draw LOS on them.  His mob with Arjac slam into ghaz.  I call the waagh to get my invul (and bring out the book to show him it indeed can now be called) and we roll a ton of dice.  He kills my manz off (all of which had been wounded from shooting), but not before I kill off marines.  If I recall it meant that I ended up winning combat by 3and his non arjac squad fails his LD and routes off the board.  So some very good fortune for me.
My turn 3 and I think I make another bad call by sending my shootas down to engage his other troop.  I probably should have sat back on my objective and worked angle to shoot but alas.  He kills more than I do but I stick.  I charge in my kans to help Ghaz out.  Ghaz takes a wound and one kan goes down but I think I still win combat but he sticks.  I also deffrollad his Razor to death. Meanwhile in the back field my large slugga squad has spread to get two objectives.

His turn 3 and he gets his last Razor and his scouts on the board.  The Razor comes out to shoot the side of my BW that killed its mate but wiffs, and the scouts come out to charge my sluggas.  The charge pulls them off the second objective.  I'm hopefully I'll wipe these scouts out quickly so I can get back to hugging to objectives but it was not to happen.  Ghaz finally dies to Arjac but more troops are killed on his way out of the game.   A few shootas manage to hang on in the combat round as well.

My turn 4 and there isn't much I can do.  BWs move around a bit, the lootas shoot his Razor dead.  The Kans kill more troops and one loses a Klaw to Arjac.  The wolf scouts still hang in there with my huge slugga squad.  The shootas are finally killed.

His turn 4 and his sqaud that killed the lootas take refuge behind a building where the lootas have no LOS.  His scouts are finally killed off and my sluggas make a tiny consolidate.  Arjac kills one of the kans but his fellow troops are laid dead.

My turn 5 and we are running out of options.  Since my lootas have no target I decide to run them over and they stay as far back as I can and still claim the left objective.  I'm hoping his troops fail their move through cover, but if the roll well maybe I can at least contest if turn 5 ends.  I blast a buggie up as well but it is probably 1/2" short as well.  I position a wagon so that it is able to contest, but foolishly I put it on the south side of the objective rather than the north side, which I'll explain this failure in a moment.  My sluggas go to run for the 2nd objective but they run slowly (2" and are easely 3" away.  Arjac kills my last kan in combat and consolidates forward.

His turn 5  Arjac moves up and is within 3" of the middle objective.  He then throws his hammer and blows up my BW.  My failiure is that ARJAC IS A TROOP since he was attached to a troop squad.  Matt had told me this earlier and I just forgot.  I was not mad at Matt, but it was hard to not let that disappointment show and I'm not sure how well I did.  Had I remembered this key fact I could have blocked Arjac from the objective, so that even if he had killed my wagon he would have been plenty out of reach.

Not horribly surprisingly my lootas were able to be charged by his last mob of guys and wiped and they consolidated on the objective.
End of 5 with Lazy Lootas removal, but those are dead.

Matt roll's for turn 6 and... NOPE.  Game ends.  He has two objectives to my one.  I pick up one battle point for having an HQ (the Mek in my last wagon) and end with 6.

So I can't help but be disappointed by a few bad decisions and the poor luck of the game ending but that's the game.  Had turn 6 gone my sluggas could have easily made the 2nd objective, Arjac probably could have been killed by loota fire alone, and or my BW could have contested.  It wasn't a given, but I think things would have been in my favor.

Either way we both worked hard for it and the game was fun.  Matt would go on to go 3-0, and I figured I would have more fun playing and was curious to see how my soft scores panned out for me.

Next up:  Space Marines!

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