Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dundracon 40k Game 2

Game 2 and another mission that looks like nothing too crazy or anything.
So on to game two on table 16 and I'm up with a Space Marine player.  He tells me straight up that his list is pretty much a 'this is what I have' and he wanted to try a new army so he knows he's just playing for fun.

Chaplain w/ Bolt Pistol
Master of the Forge
5 Shooty Terminators (no upgrades)
Dread w/ Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod
5 Sterngarud with CombiPlasmas in Drop Pod
10 Tacticals, Sarg w/ Fist, Missile, Flamer, Las/Plas Razor w/ Dozer
10 Tacticals, Sarg w/ Fist, Missile, Flamer, Las/Plas Razor w/ Dozer
3 Scout bikes w/ Grenade Launchers, Sarg w/ PF
Ironclad Dread w/ HF in Drop Pod

We place I think four objectives on the board.  I win roll off to go first and place my units ready to swarm up the board and spread my loota line thin as I know they are a prime target for flamer out of pods.

He's combat squads his units so there is 5 in each Razor, tucks the Raozrs behing the LRC and puts the marines up to shoot/be shot.  The Master goes in the Sterngaurd pod and the chaplain goes with the termies in the LRC.

Turn one and I advance.  My lootas take one of his combat squads to 1 guy who breaks but doesn't leave the board edge barely.  The other lootas manage to kill 2 of the other combat squad and they hold.
His turn 1 and his iron clad comes down on target.  His other dread scatters off the table, and he rolls the 'opponent deploys' so I put him way on the far right corner.  His LRC advances and his Razors back up a bit.  In his shooting from the Razors and LRC and get through the BWs, his normal dread is able to pop a buggie, and his Ironclad takes out 5 Lootas but they hold.

My turn 2 and I decide to ram the LRC and it takes the second Deffrolla to actually pop it.  I fire my Lootas and rokkits and the ironclad but nope can't hurt it, and I realize that's going to be a real problem for me.  I decide to keep all my guys in their vehicle and make him work to get me out of them.  My kans manage to stun his normal dread.

His turn 2 and his scout bikes outflank.  They come out and pop behind my kans and are able to shoot one dead.  His Ironclad charges my larger loota squad and wipes them out.  His Razors shooting again can't get through the BWs.  A a drop pod shoots one of my lootas dead but they hold.  His Termie squad of doom manages to make the battlewagon explode that holds ghaz and they pile into the crater.

Sadly that's the last picture of the game.  I was really focused to not let things go sideways on my and I just plain forgot to take pictures.

My turn 3 and I call the Waaagh.  The sluggas are able to just make combat with his 3 remaing marines.  Ghaz and the manz step up to fight the termies and chaplain.  The Kans turn around and shoot at his bikes and miss.  The last 3 lootas desperately shoot at the ironclad and manage to glance of the arm with the flamer.  My BW full of ard boyz deffrolla into one of the razors but just take off weapons and immobilize it.  The 'ard boyz get out and prepare to assault it and his last straggler marine running around with a missile launcher.

In assualt my Ard boyz kill that marine and just wreck the Razor and his guys tuck right behind it and between the second razor.  My normal boys the marines and consolidate up the field more trying to put distance from the ironclad.  Ghaz and the Manz wipe out his terminators, but enough fist attacks take out the Manz.  My two Kanz manage to take out the bikes just as the Power Fist pops them both as well (I assaulted through cover so we were both Init 1).

His turn 3 and the Sterngaurd come down with the MotF.  They scatter a bit and are very close to his Ironclads pod.  They shoot and kill some of my large squad of boys.  His ironclad moves off to deal with the last 3 lootas and he kills them in combat.  His guys that bailed out of the Razor start to run away toward his dread and pod, as does his other Razorback.  His dread is unable to shoot the last BW as he advances toward my sluggas.

My turn 4 and Ghaz hops in the wagon and the wagon rams the Razor killing it and more guys spill out of the vehicle.  The ard boyz catch his other unit and kill them off.  The last buggie back tracks trying to desperately kill his ironclad to no avail.  My sluggas charge into his sterngaurd and I kill most of them but he kills a few more but I'm still more than enough to be fearless.

His turn 4 and his last troop unit keeps moving away.   Both his dreads are able to converge on my Shootas unit (which has been losing a few guys here and there to storm bolters from the pods.  He wins combat but I'm hold (I don't remember if I'm fearless at this point or not).  My big slugga squad finish off the MotF and his Sterngaurd.

My turn 5 and the BW moves up to deploy Ghaz into his normal dread to help the boys out.  My ard boyz catch up to his last combat squad and start killing them.  The sluggas spread out to cover three objectives.  Ghaz pops the Dread and the iron clad kills a few more boys.  We consolidate.

In turn 5 Ghaz pops the ironclad and I think he's down to two wounds, but this allows my sluggas to hop on the near objectie.  The ard Boyz finish off his last combat squad.

At this point he's only got his 3 drop pods and I'm covering all 4 objectives.  We call it a game.

Ian was a good sport the whole way through even though things were pretty much going my way the whole time.  He didn't complain and we had a good time throughout the game.  We talked about his army and things he could do to give it more foucs.

Either way I pulled the full 20 battle points and was off to game 3.

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