Friday, February 25, 2011

Dundracon 40k Game 3

So I'm off to game 3 and I get paired with Matt's Space Wolves again!  It seems I'm at the top of the 1-1 pile and he's at the bottom of the 2-0 pile.  So the tourny orgainizer bumps me up a table and I'm lined up with another ork player Scott.

So that's the mission and the tourny organizer is shocked as to why people have questions.  Well for one it isn't normal Dawn of War, which ya we get, but damn that is a great mission for people who have bonuses to reserves.  My DoA list would just pick apart a normal army that was forced to put things into reserve.

Next there is confusion about if it isn't DoW do you deploy dedicated transports or not.  The TO says go ahead and do two troops PLUS their dedicated transports.  I'm not sure why it got ruled that way when the verbiage is pretty much the same as DoW but, eh, whatever.

Scott's list looks something like:
Mad Doc
Snikrot and Kommandos
4 Manz w/ Cybork in BW
4 Trukks with boyz
Deff Dread
3 Deffkoptas w/ Rokkits and 1 Klaw
3 Kans
3 Kans

We roll and set up the objectives.  Scott's got some nice ork ones made.

We roll to deploy and I go first.  I decide to play my 30 sluggas and 20 shootas with the big mek, and I'm covering two objectives.

He deploys a trukk and his BW in the corner.

My turn one and I just run my sluggas out to a 3rd objective and my rokkits are up on a hill.  I'm now covering 3 objectives, but you don't claim until your opponents turn.

His turn he scootches up a bit and shoots with some Big Shootas off the vehicles to do not much.

I collect 3 salvage points.

My turn 2 and I get my BW with Ghaz and one unit of lootas.  The wagon moves up and the rokkit boys shoot and whiff.

He isn't on any salvage so no points.

His turn 2 and he gets a couple of trukk on the board.  He gets one trukk advancing, shuffles up a bit with other things, but still only has his BW on one salvage.  He takes some shots with his BS and kills two Lootas but not enough to route them.

I get another 3 salvage points.

My turn 3 and I get my kans, a buggie, and the ardboyz in their BW.  They all advance.  My forward BW tries to ram his trukk and it goes down.  The lootas try to shoot but I don't think they do anything.  The rokkits are able to pop one trukk.

Scott gets one salvage point.

His turn 3 and he gets his kans and his dread and starts to move.  The rest of his troops are semi pinned and sitting on objectives.
He moves his wagon up and takes more shots, I think my lootas actually route here.  His boys from the trukk swing at the BW but can't do anything.

I collect 3 more salvage points.

Turn 4 and we're finally ready to make combat.  My other buggie and lootas come out and that's my whole reserve force.  My forward BW rams his guys killing one or two but also smashes into his own BW and wreck it.  Mad Doc and his Manz get out, and I decide to just send Ghaz into them.  My ard boyz get out and charge his trukk boys.  My shooting is ineffective.

I've called the Waagh so Ghazs invul save comes thru and he only takes no wounds.  Meanwhile he chops down 2 of the manz and the Mad doc.  He makes his LD to stick around.

My ardboyz smash through his trukk unit.

He collects two salvage points.

His turn 4 and snikrot and the coptas outflank.  His other kans and dread advance while his remaining troops

Snikrot destroys my lootas squad.  The koptas can't manage to do anything by shake/stun my kans.  Ghaz wiffs quite a bit and kills only one manz and takes a wound.  We all stick in combat.

I collect 3 more salvage points.

My turn 5 and I jam my BW with teh manz  up to his other objective (rammed a truck I think), and the ardboyz get in their ride and advance as well.

My Kanz turn around to shoot his deffcoptas, and amazingly I down them all.  I would have thought I had to charge but it wasn't needed.  I'm trying to down his front kanz and they approach my front objective but I can only kill 1 of the 3.  In combat Ghaz downs his Mek and last Manz and coslidates into his wrecked wagon.

He collects one salvage point.

His turn 5 and Snikrot tries to make it to my string of sluggas but can't get to contesting range.  His Kanz advance and charge my shootas.  He kills a few and I pop one and we're both tied up on that objective.  His boyz are able to pop My BW with the Mek and Manz, and they have to get out behind the wagon to stay 1" away.  So he's back to claiming that objective.

I collect only 2 salvage points this time.

We roll for turn 6 and the game ends.  It probably took less than an hour.  I have 14 salvage points to his 4.

Scott looks up and says 'A Tie' and I say 'Uh waht?'  Apparantly he was confused about the salvage points, and I guess I had talked about it enough with Anhtony that I just briefly reviewed it with Scott.  Even tho at the end of turn I kept saying 'I get X salvage points' and what not.  So I think that sucked for him a bit to have what he thought was a tie go to a loss. 

The truth of the matter is the game was mine as soon as I got to go first.  I was sitting on 3 objecitves the whole game, and at best he would have been on two earlier.  It wouldn't have been until turn 4 at best before he could disrupt my salvaging if he had played more aggressively, and I don't really see how he could have done that and hold off my advance with my BWs as well.

So I pick up a few secondaries and go on to take the best overall.  Again I was shocked, as I didn't think a 2-1 army could do it but the numbers don't lie.

So my orks seem to do well for me more often than not.  Occasionally they have a chunder game but they are certainly my most consistent army and score well for painted for me (though the BA don't look shabby by any means, I just don't know what a judge will say yet).

The next 'big' event is Kublacon, so I'm torn whether I bring Orks out again to try to smash face, or bring the BA to see how they get judged on the soft scores, or really get cracking and get a fluffly 1ksons army to go for shits and giggles.

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