Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dundrancon Complete!

So Anthony and I went to Dundracon for the 40k event yesterday.  The games were all fun and the tables were pretty nice with the terrain set up I'd say.  We had a nice turn out with I think 32 players (one might have been a ringer to make it even).

Pulling the breakdown from the final score I think we must have had one drop, as I now see 30 players.
Space Marines: 5
Blood Angels: 4
Orks: 4
Space Wolves: 3
Dark Angels: 2
Tyranids: 2
Chaos Marines: 2
Tau: 2
Eldar: 2
Daemons: 2
Imperial Gaurd: 1
Daemonhunters: 1

The two surprises to me were 0 Dark Eldar players as it is the newest codec, and seeing just one IG.  That codec seems to have fallen out of favor a lot over the last year.

I lost my first game by the game ending on turn 5 more or less so I figured I was just playing the rest of the day for fun.

Anthony won all 3 games and we thought he might come out on top for Best General  (Highest Battle Points) as he was on table one both game 2 and game 3.

As it turned out he lost out on Best General by one point to a Tyranid player that pulled off a full 20 points on his last game (who also won 3 games).

A really cool Tau army won Best Painted, and best Sports went to the player with the highest Sports score (there were lots of perfect scores) with the lowest Battle points.

So all of the ork players ended up going 2-1.  So when they announce best Overall they announce it was a 2-1 player, and an ork player... and it was me!  I was shocked!

So that's was definitely cool since I had a poor showing at Kubla last year, couldn't go the Grant Waagh, and the last 'big' event for orks up in Sac I also chundered.  So despite me kicking myself for my game one loss I ended up doing quite well over all!

There were only 3 players who did 3-0, and the bug players army was nicely painted but not great, and the other 3-0 armies were Anthony's largely unfinished BA and my first opponents SW which were also largely just base coated.

I did manage the highest Battle score of the 2-1 players, my Sports and Comp were only dinged once in each, and with a pleasing paint score of 34 out of 40 the totals pulled in for my favor.

Endgame generously donated a $25 gift card which is just icing on the cake.  Really I'm just pleased that I think I've now been around our little community enough for people to want to play me for a fun and challenging game!  (Well hopefully they think that, and not that I'm a total dickwad!)

Too bad there's no golden ticket associated with Dundracon.  Then again I'm thankful I wouldn't have to explain to my wife why I'd need to travel to Vegas for 40k later this year!  :P

I'll do up some quick battle reports with the missions over the next couple of days.


  1. Glad you had a good time. I was there as well - though I really think in mission 2 I was done in by lack of LoS blocking terrain, and mission 3 just was poorly written - allowing my opponent to bring in his entire army as mine came in piecemeal.

    But it was a good time and I had fun regardless. I am hoping to do better at Kublacon!

  2. Ya I had some LoS issues too but nothing too bad or game breaking, just bad luck.

    Mission 3 was... eh, well from the Battle Mission book which aren't always great. I'll cover my game in a few days.

    Did you play Blood Angels in mission 3? I was thinking how awesome my Descent of Angels would have done that game... (or really anybody that had bonus to reserve rolls).