Monday, February 14, 2011

Failiure To Launch Weekend

So this weekend was pretty much fail for us on the 40k front.

First of all on Friday the guys that were going to the Sunday event realized there was a pre reg and the event was now full.

Of course I planned for the Sat event at another store.  But just to be sure I called to see if there was any prereg action.  The voice on the phone said, "Nope just come on up."

So I did.  I drove my happy butt up there Sat Am to find the even had been canceled.   Not like 'this just in' canceled either.  More like 'we canceled it a week+ ago.'

So that was epic fail.

My wife was of course happy because it meant even more family time in a weekend where I had already booked a ton of family time outside of the event. :p

In the few late hours I had I worked on more terrain.  This weekend was mostly about trying to get some forests done for Fantasy.

I also picked up some Citadel walls and painted those quickly.  

The quick shade is drying on those, but I should be able to hit them with the anti shine and then I will flock the bases and they should look alright.

While I had the camera out here are the two building I finished up the other week.

So the fantasy terrain selection is improving.  I really need to make some water features (ponds/swamps) and then just fill out some other bits.

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