Thursday, February 10, 2011

A few pics from last weekend

A few pictures from last weekend games.  I brought out my pod Templars and they didn't really go well.  I managed a tie and loss against two CSM lists.  My drops were 'meh' and 'total fail' and I couldn't shake thinking 'this is why DoA BA are better.'  Plus KP in game 2 made me cry.  So I guess that means BA this upcoming weekend.

I'm not going to bother with much reporting on this as I've forgotten most of it anyway.  Both games were fun but the second one was definitely uphill from the get go.

Dave brought his CSMs and I played 3 objective corner deployment.  My drop wasn't bad but there wasn't really one place I could focus and dodge two princes also.

This is pretty much the end of 5.  I only have one guy attached to my EC and that's the last troop on the table.  Even if the game had gone on he had plenty to still kill my last Crusader and his troops were dead so we called it a tie.

Then he and Liam did CSM on CSM KP game.

That's not quite the end but things were sliding for Liam here and kept going down.

Then Liam and I played a KP game.  My drop on turn 2 was my termies, 1 dread, and 1 speeder.  Not good!

I tried to hang in there and a few times I thought I might be able to make something amazing happen but it was not to be at all.  In the last turn we played (don't even remember if it was 5) he cleaned up a bunch of things that meant I would probably have to table his army.

So Templar I think might need a reconfigure again.  Maybe multiple terminators in pods should be tried.  Or else just going complete MSU (5 man no fist one melta in pods x 6) to get more single melta shots on the drop.

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