Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3.25 Friday Game 3

So I'm off to what is effectively round 3 and getting to play Jason's eldar.  I know I've got a few problems right off the bat because A) Runes or Warding make me cry and B) Eldar Skimmers make me cry.

Jason's running the same list from two weeks ago, and we just happen to pull the 'All In' mission again which is the center objective one.  /sigh

I ended up going first again.  I set up on my long table edge, and Jason decided to put his rangers in deep corner cover.

My turn on and I advance.  His turn 1 and he tries to shoot at the DP and manages to wound him once.

My turn 2 and I advance some more, and now pop smoke.  Oh and my lesser daemons came down and one terminator squad came down.  I tried to move them into some LOS/Cover positions during the run.
You can just barely see the DP win in the bottom right.
Jason's turn 2 and he got everything but one Serp with DA and one walker squad.  He managed to immobilize my dread way out of positions, and his warp spiders killed 8 of my lesser daemons.  He cast mind war on my DP and did another two wounds, but he survived a hail of bullets otherwise.  His fire dragons managed to down two of the termies but I held tight.

My turn 3 and the terminators don't come down.  I decide to risk warptime and it manages to go off without killin him and he moves up to charge the bikes.  I also move my termie up hoping he could take care of a few fire dragons.
I do manage to shoot two war walkers dead and I think the Dreadnought manages to MM one warpsider.  In CC my Warptime prince whiffs on his Farseer (well he made his saves I think), but he manages to survive the returning attacks.  Sadly my terminator failed a couple 2+ saves and died before getting to whack some Fire Dragons.

His turn 3 and I think his war walkers come out.  He does more shooting, but I don't think much died except maybe one rhino.  In combat my prince doesn't warptime but take 1 W off the farseer.  Amazingly he sticks around in combat.

My turn 4 and I think his warpsiders had not had a great withdrawl move, so I hope out with a squad of sons and mow some of them down.  My prince finally kills his farseer, but also falls to gaurdian strikes.

His turn 4 and now things become a blur and we're rushing to try to really finish the game before the clock ticks down.  I think his DA come in and pop another rhino.  His bikes blast up with his Gaurdian wave serpant by his outflanked walkers.  Maybe all my rhinos are dead.

My turn 5 and I think I shoot off all his jetbikes, and I pop his gaurdians WS I think, so they are haning out on my right flank.

His turn 5 and he blasts his DA to be sitting on my middle rhino, so we're contestint the center, and another empty FD WS is behind my troops to also contest.

We've got 10 minutes to go.  We're contesting the center, and the secondary are table quarters.  We've both got one and contesting two so we decide to do a quick turn.

My turn 6 and it takes two preds to down his empty WS.  His other WS takes Lascannons from the oblits but live.  I think I managed to do that backward.  I probably should have shot more shots at the WS that went flat out with his troops, as if I glanced/Immobilized it it would have removed that central scroing unit.  Oh well.

On his turn he empties out his DA and has enough to clear off the center and claim it for the win, with just a few minutes on the clock, but nothing else really mattered.

So in our rush their are two things I totally boned.  The aforementioned 'should have killed the DA WS', and after failing to bring in my second termie squad turn 2, 3, and 4 I totally forgot about them in turn 5 and 6.  I'm not saying it would have changed the game to a win, but that is a serious "WAY TO GO STUPID."

So despite those pointy ears kicking one of my armies a Loss again I felt the army did hold up pretty well when I though pregame it would totally fall apart.  I definitely am going to swap the MM for a Missile Launcher and try that out on the dread, and I'm debating going back to one terminator squad for comp reasons but that probably is a horrible idea.  I am also debating changing one combi melta to a comi plas per squad to make them uniquely equiped.  This would up survivability and in games where I don't have vehicles (Daemons, Nids) the plasma could be handy.  The problem is they become less 'single focussed' so that could be bad.

All the same, I went 2-1 for the night, and if the sons did that well at Kubla I'd be pretty damned pleased!

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