Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BA vs Spacewolves 1850

So I got a total of 6 games over the weekend in for 40k.  Friday night I got in a game with Dave's Spacewolves with my BA, then headed over to play Jason's Eldar for two games.  Saturday I attended a local tourny.

I'd love to give in depth battle reports, but I'd love even more to play Dragon Age 2 more.  So these will be pretty brief over the next few nights.

Dave brought a very similar list to what he's brought before, and I used my same 1850 BA I used in the Jan Tourny.

The game we rolled was KP and long table edge.  Dave won the roll off and made me go first.
The Board
Dave's Deployment
Dave's Turn 1 Hussle
My Turn 2

So finally a little action as I come down for turn 2.  I only get 3 out of 6 down which stinks for 4+ with rerolls but such is life.  I get my assault squad of 10 with the priest and both combat squads of vets, the north one was Red Thirsty.  My meltas fail do anything to his rhino, and my vets charge.
The result of which was no damage to our combat with one squad and lone wolf, wrecked rhino, and we each lost one on our top combat of Terminators vs VV.
Before Consolidation
On Dave's turn 2 his now wrecked rhino blocked a little shooting, but still most things could shoot but I could pick up a cover save.  Of course my saves were weak and I lost 4 guys (he did unload combiplas from his termies out of his LR), but even worse the unit broke and fled.

In our top combat we both lost two guys, and in our combat of vets vs VV I killed his dogs and lost one.

In my turn 3 and everybody else comes down.  Sadly my 5 man 'suicide squad' actually does scatter on to troops and dies.

My shooting from everything chunders horribly (or really just makes every single armor/cover save).  In combat my Red Thirst vets kill his last terminator and take cover behind the rhino wreck.  My other vets take two losses and do one wound.

Dave's turn 3 and his little HQ group hop back in their land raider.  His Grey hunters move around to shoot at my straggling Vet squad, and his other rhino moves around to also shoot out the hatch.  In shooting he kills one vet and I think two assault guys.  I'm able to pull off a Shield with the Libby and save the worst of the shooting.

His other Lone wolf assaults my squad killing 2 more, and I kill one dog and stick.  My other vet squad kills his other Lone wolf.

My turn 4 I finally get to pull of a charge with my HQ/SG squad.  I charge in and lay waste to his Long Fangs, and I pile in with both remnant vets and my assault squad into his Grey Hunters after shooting them.  Oddly my shooting was more effective than my charge and I actually lose combat (damn you coutner charge) and my assault squad breaks AGAIN.

Dave's turn 5 and his HQs hop out as do his other grey hunters.

I'm surprisingly resilient to the shooting, but in combat he just creams me, and runs down whatever is left.  A damn fist got Dante because I was lazy and trying to play fast as we were really past the time we allotted for the game, but I probably would have been creamed here either way.  I think our other two combats were still tied up at the end of this turn, but I actually don't remember now.

So we call it a game so I can head out to Jason's place.  He's got Logan running around now and I don't have much left.  At best I've killed a rhino, his long fangs, and two terminator Wolf Gaurd squads.  If I'm lucky I'll kill one Grey hunter squad but that's really hoping for a lot.  He's killed Dante, Libby, SG, One priest, and one assault squad.  On paper it looks good (4-4) but it is likely he can kill off anywhere from 1-5 more killpoints with very little effort.

So I call the game for Dave and move on to Jason's Eldar.

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