Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blood Angels Pictures

So in keeping with the 'Pictures of the Army' I figured I get up the pictures of the Descent of Angels army.  This was a semi-impromptu army that basically consisted of getting my brother in laws BA army and adding to it, and painting the whole thing.  Considering I did this all in 5 weeks I think it came out well.  This was all done using the 'dip' with Army Painter and colored primer for the red blood angels.

And with that, here's my 1850 army.


I think we've learned that Dante is not great, and that his 'you can land here' is good but not totally necessary.  Making Sanguinary Gaurd troops his cool, but as they are my hammer unit they are really never alive to claim objectives anyway.  It makes for a fun army but really he could easily be dropped and another 10 Assault Marines would probably be better.


Where as Dante is an expensive point sink the Librarian is a cost efficient HQ choice.  While Blood Lance has never really worked out great for me, it has been great AGAINST me so I know it has potential.  The big thing is the shield of sanguinous as picking up that cover save is really great for a DoA army.

Sanguinary Gaurd

Terrific models that with a decent paint job just look fantastic.  I like these guys and probably don't have them optimized the best but they are great fun to play.

Sanguinary Priests

I've been running them cheap with just a combi melta and that has worked out pretty well.  I understand why it is appealing to put power weapons but generally I'm trying to avoid combat to keep these guys alive.  I'd love to squeeze a 3rd priest in here, maybe if I cut Dante I could do that.

Assault Marines

Here is just one random Assault marine.  You can see that I've tried to keep the paint job relatively simple.  The funny thing is a few details really make the model look like it had a lot more time put into.  The chainsword striping certainly did take the most amount of time to do but does add some real character.  The lightning on the knee is free hand, and with the yellow drop decal on the left shoulder it makes these guys look less of 'just red' and catches the eye.

My 5 man 'suicide' squad.  All of the sergeants you see have Infernous pistols which are actually from Sanguinary Garud kits.
One of my ten man units.

A few close up shots of the sergeant for that squad.

My other 10 man assault squad.

Vanguard Veterans

I've been running them as a 10 man and combat squad them into sets of 5 like this break out more often than not.

The other 5 guys.

And that's it!  It's a fun themed list.  It has some challenges but is certainly fun to play.  I could add/change things to probably make it leaner and meaner, but with all the other models to paint I'm happy to call this army done.

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