Friday, March 18, 2011

Eldar vs BA 1850 Game 2

So onward to game 2.  This time we roll a multiple objectives and place I think 4 objectives around the board.  I again lose deployment and am forced to go first (3rd game in a row).  I reserve in my normal fashion and my 5 man suicide unit gets Red Thirst.

Jason again puts everything in reserve.

On my turn 2 I AGAIN only get 3 units (3rd game in a row).  I get my troops with the priest, a vanguard vet, and my Thirsty suicide squad.  I try to come down and run to get my FNP and cover toward the back of my board.

Jason's turn 2 and again almost all his army enters play.  Both war walker outflank on one side, his rangers on the far other side, jetbikes again along his middle front, and two serps with troops in both corners.  His shooting kills my vets down to one dude.

My turn 3 and I get everything down.  My assault squad drop near my remaining boys in red and run in the shooting phase.  My 5 man thirsty unit sticks near but advances along the rear to move toward and objective.  My HQ/SG squad drops down and unloads onto the pathfinders, but they go to ground so they only kill 3.

The upside for me is my other vet squad pulls the charge on the jetbikes and they do quite well.

His turn 3 and his Fire Dragons come in to play.  I've made a serious miscalculation and because the FD empty from the Serp they are now in 12" range of my HQ squad.  However, between poor shooting, poor wounding, and my Libby's shield I escape unscathed.

He shoots more guys and a few die from my troops, but my Vets keep chewing bikes, and now there is just the farseer and warlock left.

My turn 4.  HQ squad goes off to kill the fire dragons, but my lance only shakes his Serp.  My fearless suicide squad shoots the pathfinders dead.  The rest of my troop move into cover to advance on the middle objective.

His turn 4 and he decides the vets have had enough fun.  He sends his Dire Avengers over to charge into combat and they are able to wipe out my vets, but not before I kill off his warlock.  He also deploys his guardians so they are on one of the objectives in his zone, and blast their Serp up to the middle objective.  His warwalkers and warpspiders keep peppering my troops in the center.  His remaining wave serp blast up to tank shock my fearless guys.

It is my turn 5 and we take a look around the board.

We're contesting this objective.

My HW/Sang guard can't reach an objective or meaningful combat.

And he's contesting the center with a flat out Serp and now sitting on two objectives in his backfieldish area.

If I recall we may have been trying to keep it at a two hour mark and just said 'well that would be a tourny' and then we rolled to see if the game would go on past the upcoming turn 5.  Of course it wouldn't,  so for shits we just saw if I could do anything on my turn 5 to pull this into a possible tie.  I unloaded everything I had into the two flat out serps, for nothing, and assaulted for nothing.  So even if he didn't fire a shot on the bottom of his five I had lost. Had the game gone on, eh, well maybe, but I was probably going to be shot off at least one of those objectives an unsure if the Sang Guard would reach his objectives without at least two turns.

In the end I probably played too conservatively.   I could have played a little more aggressive with the Sang Guard, but I feared the fire dragons... who ended up shooting at me anyway... and whiffing at that.

Sucks to go 3 games with this army going first. :p  And against an army like this which is built to pounce on turn 2 as well was rough to boot.  Had I only faced 1/2 the firepower turn on turn 2s maybe things would be different.  But really in the end the flat out wave serpents had my number.

But it was fun times, and I decided I would need more practice with them before going to any other tournament.  So I called it a night, got home a 2 am, and gathered my orks for a tournament for Sat!

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