Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eldar vs BA 1850

I've been slacking on getting battle reports done.  Dragon Age 2 is fun and addicting and honestly I'd rather spend the time playing that than putting up reports.  Especially when most of these are me getting my ass kicked!

I headed out to Jason's Friday after my first game and he was ready with his Eldar.  His list looked something like this:

Farseer on Jetbike
Autarch Warpspider
5 Fire Dragons in Wave Serp
Dire Avengers in Wave Serp
Storm Gaurdians in Wave Serp
Gaurdian Jetbike Squad w/ Warlock
5 Pathfinders
3 Warwalkers
3 Warwalkers

I'm sketchy on exact model count and weapons, but you can get the idea of the flow from the pics and brief notes I'll put up under them.

Here's the table.

Game 1 we played a mission called all in, and I wish I had paid a bit better attention to the rules.  The main objective was take the center of the board.  If neither could do that it would come down to occupied table quarters.  I flubbed this at the end thinking everything was like a 1 point thing, so I should have just concentrated on the center.  Ohs well.

He wins roll off and makes me go first.  I do my normal reserves, and the same vet squad from my SW game gets Red Thirst.

He puts his whole army in reserve.  His army is all about showing up on turn 2 to do as much shooting as possible.

Turn 1 is a fat nothing.

My turn 2 and I once again only get 3 squads; My HQ/SG squad, my 10 man assault, and my 5 man assault.  My landings are more or less good and I run to get some cover.

His turn 2 and he gets everything but his pathfinders.  His warwalkers outflank on either side, and his spiders scatter just a bit.  His two troop serps take corners, and his bikes spread out along his board edge.  His firedragons hop out of their transport to unload on me as well.

At the end of all that shooting my choppy squad has lost 4 SG and the priest, my 10 man squad is down to 8 (who are also pinned), and my 5 man is down to the sarg.

My turn 3 and I get my other 3 units.  My first unit of Thirst vets land close to his jetbikes, but really close to a crater.

My other Assault unit with the priest lands next to his Fire Dragon serp, and the other vets are in charge range of his warp spiders.  My libby leaves Dante to join the pinned unit.  My shooting fails to do anything but maybe shake his FD Serp.  My vets charge their intended targets, and Dante, his last SG, and my one lone sarg charge the fire dragons.  The firedragon are massacred, and both other Eldar squads lose 2 guys to my one but stick around just fine.  At the end of combat his warp spiders hop away.

His turn 3 and his rangers come in and camp out in the top right corner behind cover and war walkers.  He shoots me and I loose some guys but I think everything sticks around.

My turn 4 and I consolidate on the center.  Dante and the last SG charge the jetbikes.  I think I win combat but he sticks.

His turn 4 and he shoots more.  More guys die but I think I'm around with enough.

My turn 5 and I walk more guys in cover.  This is where I fook up as I didn't really have my meltas in the right place for the next turn, but I was thinking about having to try to grab table quarters.  I think Dante and co see the last jetbikes off now.

His turn 5 he does some tank shocking.  One WS is killed (that's why you see the empty base).  The other is able to push my unit off the center objective, and it has a scoring unit.  I realize that if the game ends I lose, so we roll the dice.  Game ends, I lose.  DOH.

Had I played the end MAYBE I could have positioned myself to were I couldn't have been entirely tank shocked off, but I didn't realize this effective was a one objective or nothing.  Without having vehicles to protect me that is a huge disadvantage in retrospect, but I had options and some thing I could have maybe done better so not a huge deal.  Definitely good practice and I felt my guys were pretty survivable against a really shooty army.

So we set up for a second game to see what other action we could squeeze in to end the night!  But for now I'm off to Dragon Age, and I'll finish this up tomorrow.

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