Monday, March 21, 2011

LGS 1850 Tournament Game 1

So on the 12th there a tournament that I headed off to with Dave and Anthony.  After my Angels had performed fairly poorly I figured I would just take my normal 1850 orks that I've been running this last 2+ years.

It has been over a week now, so I'm really going to be short on details.  So these are going to be very brief and likely not 100% correct, so I apologize for that but it will give a basic idea of how it went.

First game up is Kevin's bugs.  I've played Kevin before and he is a great general, so I'm up for quite a battle.  His list looks something like:

1x Tyrand Gaurd
3x Hive Gaurd
2x Hive Gaurd
8 Ymgarl Stealers
16 Stealers
8 Stealers
10 Termagants
1x Tervigon
19 Gargoyles
1x Tyrannofex

The mission we get is 5 objectives and corner deployment.  I won the roll off and decided I would go first.

He set up with his Y Stealers going dormant, his 8 Stealers outflanking, and his 16 Stealers infiltrating.

My turn 1, I moved and I shot.  I think I killed some small bugs but I don't recall it being overly impressive.

His turn 1 and he also moved and shot, without it being horribly impressive either.

My turn 2 and I know it is pretty much going to be a 'assault now, or get assaulted next turn' so I go for the assault.  My shooting kills down his Termagant squad so that I can assault his Swarmlord with Ghaz and his smaller Hive Gaurd squad along with the Termagants with the Ard boyz.  I also charge his large stealer squad with my large boyz squad.
I beat down some termagants and I think one of his Hive Gaurd, I kill off his Tyrant Gaurd but my Manz lose two guys to the Swarmlord.  My large boy squad does pretty good against his Stealers leaving only a handful though I lost probably 10 or so guys between attacks and a few fearless wounds.
I'm not sure it was the best move, but I don't know what other moves I could have done.  I guess I could have sat back and tried to outshoot him but really that's not likely to have worked well either.

His turn 2 his Y Stealers pop out of the center terrain to assault a loota squad and peg my shootas as well.  Guess I spread out too thin. DOH.

Meanwhile the Gargoyles assault my boys tied up with the stealers.

Up in the scrum with HQs his tervigon popped out some bugs and they, the Tervigon, and the other Hive Gaurd all enter the assault.

Most of these combats go poor for me.  My large boyz unit is wiped out entirely, and I think this is the turn that Ghaz rolls 3 1s to wound against the Swarmlord. 

My turn 3 I shuffle up my BWs, and toss my Kans into the mix.  They crunch some HG, my Manz are killed and Ghaz has 1 W I think.  The swarmlord might be wounded but I can't recall.

His turn 3 and his outflanking Stealers come in on his board edge of choice and they wipe out my second lootas squad.  His tervigon spits out more bugs and they assault my BW and actually destroy it. LOL.  I kill a few more Hive Gaurd.

Amazingly I have a few boyz holding on against his last Stealer squad.

At this point we call it a game.  I've got nearly nothing left, least of all troops, and he's got plenty of troops.  I thought I might have had a glimmer of hope, but even as I reflect back I'm not sure what went wrong.  I've beat bugs with these orks before but this game just turned totally sideways on me.  Who knows, but I will Kevin credit for a really cool list and, as I said, he's a good general.  He'd actually go on to go 3-0 and win the event that day.

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