Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LGS 1850 Tournament Game 2 & 3

So game 2 and I draw Dave for game 2.  I can only say at this point I'm bummed.  First of all that was a solid game 1 loss, and now I've drawn my bud rather than someone I haven't played.  Not to mention I had only managed 4 hours sleep (way to go stupid) and had a large beer to drown out my loss at lunch.  So unfortunately for Dave I didn't have a great attitude this game.  I've apologized and life moves onward.   Only after the game did Dave point out that while we have played several games over the past few months this ork vs chaos hasn't actually happened for probably 2+ years.  DOH!

If I recall Dave's list looked something like:
1 Lash prince w wings
1 Warptime prince w wings
Chosen w/ stuff in a rhino
Rhino w Zerkers
Rhino w Noise Marines
Rhino w CSM
3 Oblits
The mission Kill Points with Dawn of War.  I win roll off and deploy first, putting my two big squads up front.

I think Dave put up his DP with some cover and his zerkers and noise marines on the table (w/o their rhinos).

My turn 1 and I advance.  Mild shooting for not much effect.

Dave's turn 1 and he pulls off the lash multi charge on my big squad of boyz.  I do some killing but he kills more, and I lose a bunch more to fearless wounds.

My turn 2 and I think I tried to shoot his other DP.  I think I got him down to one wound.  Other things advance.  In combat I think he clears me off and consolidates a bit.

His turn 2 and his zerkers assault my shootas who have been getting whittled down by his oblits and vindi.  I think he wins combat but he sticks.

I think his lash prince comes up to assault and kill lootas.

My turn 3 and there are no more pictures.  I barely remember what happened.  I think I was able to kill off both princes and his zerkers the next turn.  Ghaz and the ard boyz eventually made it up to combat his noise marines.  I think his Chosen came out on the wrong side of the board and basically spent the whole time trying to race across to the action.  Yay for when outflank totally fails. :p

I want to say in the end I eeked out a victory because the game ended on 5.  His bottom of 5 he could have pulled out a win if a few shots landed (some meltas missed BW and I think another combat went poorly).  It was close I think like 4-6, but again I think he had like 2 kp he could have picked up but for bad luck, and had the game gone on who knows.

Game 3 I didn't take any pictures.  It was on the same board I just played, and his army was all mismatched stuff.  It was a fun game against a Deathwing guy whom I can't remember his name.  

His army looked like:
Las Missile Dread
5 Terminator (mixed config)
5 Terminator (mixed config)
5 Terminator (mixed config)
Tact squad
10 Devestators w/ 4 Lascannons
10 Devastators w/ 4 Missiles

This game was long table edge with one objective each.

I can't even give a rough turn by turn, it was too long ago now.  I had a hard time getting rid of terminators, and he had one unit come down on turn 4 so it wasn't enough time to get rid of them.

In the end I think all he had left was that last terminator squad, and the Devestators with the Lascanons.  I think I had the Kans, one squad of lootas, Ard Boyz, some of my Sluggas, a BW, and my KFF Mek.  Sadly all our troops were on his objective when the game ended after 5 turns.  had the game gone on I'm not sure I could have gotten rid of that last terminator squad.

So that was that.  My attitude had improved a bit during a wacky game 3, and to end the day I received best paint for my army which was a $33 gift card.  I didn't have much I needed to pick up except some square bases.  I bought Dave some movement trays for fantasy, and picked up the Warhammer Magic deck just 'cause.

Aside from a reminder that I need to have a better attitude about playing (dur it's a game and have fun) it also sparked the desire to get back to painting.  I really do want to get the thousand sons finished, plus I've got two fantasy armies I can rotate between.

But  at 9 pm when the family has gone to bed and I'm ready to unplug I always feeling like painting takes more focus and concentration than I'm able to give it.  Plus Dragon Age 2 is still alluring to me even on the 2nd play though... so ya, who knows when I'll put in some serious paint time.

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