Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reviewing My Beastmen Army

So I've had a few games now with the Beastmen and feel like they're coming together pretty well.  I figured I'd take a few minutes to go over my current list to see what I might want to tweak.

Beastlord- HA, Shield, The Steel Claws, Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon, Gnarled Hide

So I was pretty happy with the Beastlord over the Wargor last game.  The extra LD is just so big with the BSB and getting off the much needed Primal Fury.  This build out seemed to work ok as well.  A 2+ save and a 4+ ward is about as good as it gets.  The Steel Claws performed well as a rank and file chopper though I forgot about the on a 6 ignores armor.  Of course at St 5 you are denying most rank and file armor saves anyway.  The Ironcurse Icon is a nice 5 pt bonus but can be cut if I need the points elsewhere.

Great Bray Shaman- Lvl 4, Extra Hand Weapon, Dispel Scroll, Chalice of Dark Rain

So this was the first game with the level 4 and of course he performed much better than the level 2s.  While I never really got how/when I would use the Savage Beast of Horrors (+3 Str and +3 Attacks) as I didn't know how I'd be close to another hero, I can now see that it makes him kinda beefy himself.  Str 7 and 6 attacks with primal fury on a T5 wizard is no joke.  It would be nice to get a ward save on him, and that would mean giving up the Chalice of Dark Rain which I think is really handy for the Beasts.  So maybe I'll swap that out later if I find the ward save is needed.  I also see why the Jagged Dagger is handy (every wound he causes in CC can be saved as a power dice the next round) but it would mean giving up the Dispel Scroll as it is also an arcane item.

Bray Shaman- Lvl 2, Extra hand Weapon, Shard of Herdstone

I wanted to keep a level two and I tried out the Herdstone this game.  It was... ok I guess.  The tricky part is how to keep multiple casters within 6" as well as near enough to buff other units.  It almost becomes a bit of a handicap.  I'll probably try to use this setup again but I'm having doubts and might decide to swap the Chalice on this guy so I can put a ward save on the level 4.

 Gorebull- GW, Shield, BSB, Armor of Destiny

So I tried the hero version of the Doombull and ran him with ungors.  He was still plenty choppy and the big unit of ungors was interesting.  His build out is nothing too special, and I lost him to the ungors routing.  I think I just need to work on that units usage more than how to build out this guy.

30 Gor- Extra hand weapons, Full command (both Shaman went here)

These guys didn't make combat until late in the game and with the choppy lvl 4 shaman they had lots of attacks.  I don't see any need to make changes to this unit yet.

26 Ungor Herd- HW/Shield, Full Command (Gorebull goes here)

So I'm a little torn on this unit.  I want them to be steadfast, and I like the idea of keeping them cheap and deep.  Spears may be a better choice.  I ran them 5 wide 6 deep, but 6 wide 5 deep may be better.  Or they might just need more bodies.  This is one unit (along with the gorebull) that I'm just unsure about how to best use.

2x Tuskgor Charriot

So these guys were moderately useful this game.  One was able to block a charge, and the other was able to delay a unit.  I own these guys and will always use them so they aren't really at risk of being cut.  Plus they suck up Core points that I need to fill.  I just need more practice with them.

6 Minos, Full command, Extra Hand weapon, Beserker Sword

So I tried out the 6 Minos this time and gave the Beserker Sword to the Bloodkine so they would always have frenzy.  Obviously getting fed a unit of goblins help make these guys swing a ton of attacks when they got to the orcs.  I like em, I just don't know if running GWs would be better.  Me fear is the lack of armor really stinks but I'm certainly going to keep running them.

29 Bestigor, Full Command, Standard of Discipline

My first run with Bestigor and ya I'm pretty sold.  Yes they die just about at easy as normal gors (that +5 save is easy to negate) but the GWs with Primal Fury is just pure win.  I see why every Beast player loves them and says you can't really have too many.  I'll stay with 30 for now but getting more may be something I investigate later.

2x 6 Ungor Raiders

These guys have pretty much been useless every game.  Ambushing with 6 guys are at best a distraction, and 6 guys on the board can't commit firepower to anything either.  They've never come out where or win I need them.  I might just turn this into a block of 10 skirmishers to give up on Ambushing but I don't know if they are even worth while.  These guys might have their arms pulled to be turned into normal Ungor to fill in a bigger block, or I might proxy something so that there are 2x 10 to see if they can provide any real support at all.

5 Harpies, Scout

Yep I'm sold on why to take them.  Yes they aren't super killy, but with two attacks, scouting, and flying they are worth the 70 points to harrass people and tie up/kill warmachines.  They were more useful in one game than the ungor raiders have been in all my games combined.  In fact it is quite plausbile that I might cut those Ungor Raiders and use the points for another Harpies squad... if I can meet my Core requirement.  Plus GW needs to make some non hideous models for these.

Seriously GW, you want $15 for these fugly pieces of slag?
So where does that leave me?  Well I'm not really ready to make big changes yet nor do I see a huge need to do so.  But this little outline will give me some reference to look back on as I get some more practice games with the Beasts.

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