Monday, March 7, 2011

Stormraven Update, Short Tau vs Nid Game

I picked up the DoW 2 expansion, Retribution, and have been happily playing that with most of my free time once the family has headed off to bed.  I have manage to get work done on Anthony's Stormraven along the way.

Most of the cockpit, pilot and similar bits are not glued down yet.  This way I can brush on all the 'dip' and then do a final assembly.

Aside from that Dave brought over his bugs on Friday.  I was feeling cheeky and brought out my Tau.

My list is nothing new and here is a pic of the 1850 army.  Someday I'll finish painting them, probalby about the time of a new dex. :)

Dave's Army looked like the following, though I don't remember particular upgrades:
Winged Tyrant
Tyranid Prime
3 Hive Gaurd
3 Zoes in Pod
15 Termagants
15 Termagants
15 Hormagants
6 Warriors

We rolled up 4 objective and corner deployment, and Dave won the roll off to go first.  There is a little proxy action going on in his list and the red dread is his 2nd Tervigon (the old Carni is the other).  You can see some infiltrating kroot at the top).

And here is my deployment, complete with some infiltrating pathfinders toward the bottom.

On his turn 1he advances everything, and his Hive Gaurd shoot at my piranha and down one in an explosion that kill two of the disembarking drones.  His tervigons spawn up 12 gants each but don't tap out on him.

On my turn 1 and I unload on his Hormagants killing all but 3.  I railgun one of his Warriors down.  I also land 3 wounds on his flying Hive Tryant, but my kroot sadly only whittle down 2 termagants that are closing on them.

His turn 2 and he advances more.  His tervigons both created more bugs but they did both tap out on him.  His Hive Gaurd shooting stuns my devilfish.  In combat he assaults my kroot with his gants and Tyrant.  I hope to kill enough gants to maybe do a fearless wound on his HT but alas he creams me and I only killed one or two.  His last 3 hormagants cream my pathfinders.  The only other upside for me is he failed both FNP rolls and one Tervigon takes a wound.

Its my turn 2.  I Shoot his Hive Tyrant dead, so without synapse those gants are basically out of the game.  I lay into his Warriors and kill off 3, leaving 2 and the Prime.  I blast up my weaponless Piranha hoping to block some movement and or be attacked and explode to kill more little bugs.
This is pre jump back in the  assault phase.
Sadly we realized we are out of the allotted time that Dave had.  He had made it a little late, and with the bugs things had just taken longer than his chaos would have (both to set up as well as rules questions) so that's a bummer.

So what would have happened now.  I'm only down one squad of pirahna (well one is floating out there) and one kroot squad.  Dave's hormagants are basically neautered, one termagant squad is lurking out of position, his Hive Tyrant is dead, and his warrior squad is looking depleted.

Dave said he think's I've gotten the teeth out of his army.  I remind him that it is likely his Trygon pops up as do his zoes (and he rolls and they would have), plus he is just about on me now.

I think the fact that he still has two tervigons and basically 5 gant squads around almost garuntees he is going to get two objectives.  I've only got two troops left and it would be tricky to keep both alive.

Between his Zoes, his Trygon, his remaining warriors, and his Hive Gaurd I think there is still enough to keep me busy trying to neutralize these threats.  By the time I bring them down, even assuming I can do so with minimal losses, it is too late to deal with all his scoring units.  I've lost a number of games to bugs in this fashion.  It's not that the bugs need to be super killy, it is that it takes A LOT to get them all killed off and usually there aren't enough turns to deal with all of them.

I suppose there is a fantastical way my Tau could have eliminated his remaining warriors, Zoes, and Trygon all in turn 3, allowing me turns to blast the little bugs away... but I think this is a thorough reminder that my Tau still need that update!

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