Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thousand Sons Pictures

So I figure to help get me motivated to finish painting this army I'll get some pictures of it as it stands today, and update this page as I get through the models.

Daemon Prince

 Do you play a CSM army?  Then you run at least one Daemon Prince.  So I've got that box checked, and fight the urge to run two.

A cool model, and I bought him thinking I would flip between using him as Ahriman, or sometimes just a regular Sorcerer.  However now I can't fit either in an 1850 list so he's low on my painting priority.

Chaos Terminators

So I've done a bit of work to make these guys feel 'Thousand Sons-ish.'  They have plastic card headdress bits, regular marine heads, and I've used Tomb Kings Kopesh bits for their power weapons.  All the arms are magnetized so that I can decide if I want to run a 5 man squad or a couple 3 man 'termicide' squads.  Melta is usually strongly lacking for 1ksons so they add some pop even if they die every game.

These guys need to get painted and I think they'll look great once they are done.

Lesser Daemons

I'm really proud of these guys.  Everything about them looks great, and they are really great plastic minis.  They just took a LONG time for me to get done.

I have a second squad which I've started the many layers of pink flesh.  Finishing these guys is one reason I've kind of stalled on finishing the army just due to the amount of time it will take to wrap them up completely.

Thousand Sons

That's a few pictures of one squad.

That's a few pictures of a 2nd squad.  I really am proud of these guys as well.  There are some things I wish I could do better, but this pretty much showcases the best that I can paint.

I've also made this clever way of doing icons by having these books magnetized to the backpacks.

So far I've run 3 squads of 9 (borrowing a set from Liam), but lately I've been running 3 of 6.  It keeps the targets up out there and doesn't lose a lot.  It is less fluffy, but at least there are multiples of 3 in there I guess.  If I really want to stick with that I'll need to get another aspiring sorc or get off my butt and just pay liam something for his models. ;)

However I'm also thinking of just running two full squads of 9 and using the points for other things...

Chaos Space Marines
A while ago I got a prize at a tournament and needed to use it on GW goods and didn't have any box sets I really needed.  So I picked up some regular CSM and I've debated adding them to my 1ksons mix to try to make them more competitive (I did mention 1ksons are lacking Melta, right?).


Boy they are exciting aren't they.  :p  They've been hit with a couple layers of airbrush blue hues.  They really just need the details to be done.  Then I can decide if I want to do some other highlights or freehand.  But honestly this is probably the BIGGEST reason I've stalled on the army.  I'm afraid of screwing up the vehicles.  Vehicles are hard for me and I don't want them to look like garbage.  I really just need to sit down with one of theses rhinos and get down to business.  If it sucks hopefully I'll learn something and can then strip it down and try it again.  Right now it is a huge mental mindf&$k for me.


Same state as the rhinos.  I've been running then Autocannon with Las Sponsoons and they function as light vehicle hunters.  I've been pleased with them so far, but they are magnetized should I want to change up the weapons.


Yes every knows the value that Oblits provide.  If you play Chaos you've got these around somewhere.  I'm limiting their use as I've got plenty of other expensive units, but again you really need that flexibility that they give.  After using the oblit models for a year or so I traded them out for some Terminator lords that I will use as oblits.  I had to do some chopping to get the staff on a thunder hammer arm so that I could model the power fist.  I think they'll look great painted, and with the bases I use they will be able to stand upright rather than all looking like they are in some kind of dance video.

The only other thing I'd really like to add into the mix is a chaos dread.  I think I could make a cool one out of the AoBR dread and it would be cheap.  The Forgeworld one looks great, but is relatively expensive.  I'm not usually one to shy away from expensive, but the fact is Chaos Dreads aren't usually great.  I'd really want it as a fun point filler, but it is hard to justify $80 over $20 for such a function.

I'll get around to posting some list ideas, as I might use Kublacon at the end of May as an excuse to get 1850 fully painted.

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