Thursday, April 28, 2011

4.22 Friday Night Game 2

So I'm very behind on this battle report, but my free time in the evenings has been trying to get these obliterators done.  They are taking forever.

Anyway, on to game 2.  Spearhead and 5 objectives.  I won the roll off and decided I would go first.

I decided to put my dread a bit more forward/in the line this time.  Oblits are over in the building.  Patrick is walking the oblits on this time.

My turn 1 and the Dread is not crazy.  I advance cautiously and pop smoke.  My shooting isn't so bad.  I pop one rhino, and shake another.  Certainly I'll take that over the last game and not getting through the smoke.

Patrick's turn one and he advances as he can.  His shooting can't get trough my smoke.  Karma-riffic.

My turn 2 and everything comes down.  I decide to split up my terminators to try to remove both forward rhinos.  I put my lesser daemons in the backfield to conga line across two objectives.

My shooting is actually not great.  Despite doing everything I could to his rhinos I only managed to immobilize the two advancing units (which is still good because they were not 'on' objectives).  I also had to charge my DP into his 3rd rhino to make it explode, and of course managed to lose a wound from that!

Sadly I'm missing a picture from Patrick's turn 2 so this going from memory.   His lesser daemons came down near my prince.  He got his guys out of both immobilized rhinos.  His prince hopped over to my dread.  His other PM unit backed up away from my prince.

In shooting that same unit took a wound or two off my prince.  His oblits shot one pred and immobilized it.   One PM made my rhino explode and of course I lost two guys and one terminator.  The other PM units fired on the other Terminator squad and I lost 2 but both terminator units passed LD.

In CC his Prince killed my dreadnought in an explosion but got almost no consolidation.  Also his lesser daemons were able to kill my DP though they had a few losses.

My turn 3.  My heavy support focus the fire to kill off his DP.  My walking 1ksons shoot at some PM and I think kill two.  My terminators shuffle around and just basically get in the way.  My other two rhinos shuffle around an objective and pick off a few lesser daemons. 

Patrick's turn 3.   His terminators come down behind my rhino.  Both PM units back up a bit.

In shooting my rhinos amazingly survive shots from both his PM and his terminators, but I believe it was weapon destroyed and immobilized.  My solo terminator is shot dead by another PM unit.  His last PM unit shoots at my 1ksons, as does his oblits, but he only kills two and the sorcerer manages to live.

In combat his lesser daemons charge both rhinos, and glance the immobilized one to death.  The other is unharmed.

My turn 4 and I warptime on all three sorcerers.  My last mounted squad unmounts to move toward the lesser daemons.  I move up my last rhino to sit on another objective, thinking I'll either go bunker there or maybe it will contest later.  My smaller squad of sons and last terminators advance on the nearby PM squad.

In shooting I am able to trim that PM squad a bit.  I also am able to lighten up the lesser daemons between my other two 1ksons.  My oblits manage to plasma cannon two of his terminators down.  I put one predator on to kill the last guy but he fails.  I decide to shoot at his oblits with the other and manage a Autcannon wound.

In combat my terminators and small sons squad kill the PM but I lose the 1kson, leaving the sorcerer on his own.  I kill many lesser daemons and I don't think I take losses, but after fearless save I'm still tied up with I think just one or two models.

Patrick's turn 4 and again my picture is missing.  I think he  shoots my termies with his oblits and I make amazing invul saves.  The aspiring sorcer is killed by his PM unit.  He also manages to explode my last rhino with that last damn terminator.

In CC I kill his lesser daemons.

My turn 5.  I warptime both aspiring sorcerers but one rolls an 11.  I shoot my plasma cannons and 1ksons at them and kill several.  I shoot one pred at that last terminator but he makes cover saves.  The other predator kills an oblit dead.

In combat my non warptime unit makes combat but the warptimed unit does not.  We push in combat.  My termies assault his other PM unit and I take one loss and inflict nothing but make my LD.

Patrick's turn 5 and I warptime my sorcerer in combat.  His terminator shoots my lesser daemons and kills one.  I think his oblits fire at my 1ksons not in combat and kills one or two.

In combat my terminator manages to live, and our other battle we each kill one and push.

At this point that combat is contesting one objective, but my lesser daemons are conga lined for two.

We roll for turn 6 and the game continues.  I shoot his terminator dead and kill one more Obliterator.  I had warptimed both aspiring sorcerers and they kill off his PM unit and consolidate on the objective.  My last terminator dies to his last troop unit.

We look at the board and we know this game is pretty much done.  With one oblit and a handful of PMs he at very best can hope to kill the remains of my two 1ksons squad and take one objective.  The lesser daemons are not really going to get shifted off the two objectives.

So another fun game, this time getting to get that first turn of shooting certainly helped.  Also I was able to use some range advantage.  Of course this is one of the few match ups that I actually manage a range advantage.

So more painting and more practice await!  I don't think I'll be changing anything in the list now as I've just got too much to do and at least I know how it works.

29 days until Kublacon and roughly 39 days until Baby #2 is due.

Monday, April 25, 2011

4.22 Friday Night Game 1

So my friend Pat came over to play a few games last Friday.  We both brought our 1850 list from practicing for Kublacon and that makes it a CSM grudge match of Nurgle vs Tzeentch!

Pat's list:
DP, Mark of Nurgle, Wings
3 Terminators, CombiMelta/PF, CombiMelta/ChainFist, Reaper Autocannon
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Melta, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Melta, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Plasma, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Plasma, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
20 Lesser Daemons
3 Obliterators

My list:
DP, Warptime, Wings
3 Terminators, 3 CombiMelta, 1 PF
3 Terminators, 3 CombiMelta, 1 Chainfist
Dread, Missile, HF, EA
6 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, Melta Bomb, Rhino
6 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, Melta Bomb, Rhino
6 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, Melta Bomb, Rhino
9 Lesser Daemons
3 Obliterators
Predator, Autocannon/Las Sponsoons
Predator, Autocannon/Las Sponsoons

He's got me on bodies, but I've got a bit more range going for me.  I think we're pretty evenly matched and it really will come down to the missions.

First battle we pull is long table edge and kill points.

Here's the table.

Pat wins the roll off to go first.  He's got his 4 rhinos pretty central with the DP behind one.  He's deepstriking the Oblits and termies and obviously the Lesser Daemons.

I spread my line a little.  I too tuck my DP behind a rhino, flank the rhinos with the preds, and have the Dread on the far flank next to the oblits.  I think going forward I'm just going to man up and put him right in the middle of the army as on the flank he ends up being out of range (though the missile launcher range does help).
 Pat's turn 1 and rhinos advance and pop smoke.  DP is hiding.

Dan's turn 1 and Crazy dreadnought rages running forward.  Or course this meant running into some trees. :p  My rhinos also advance up and pop smoke with the DP following behind them.  I however reach out with my predators and oblits.  Hits are made across different rhinos, but I think Pat makes all 5 smoke saves.  Damn you smoke!

Pat's turn 2 and he gets his oblits to come down and his lesser daemons.  The oblits shoot at the predator on my left flank and pop the autocannon and Stun it.  His rhinos advance 6 so everyone can shoot.  I fail EVERY smoke save.  DAMN YOU SMOKE.  Two of my rhinos explode.  My left most rhino I manage to lose two 1ksons in the blast and I think one in the right explosion but also takes out a handful of lesser daemons as well.  I think one of his bolters on the rhino picks of another in the left squad. 

My only salvation is that his DP fails his assault in cover, but his lesser daemons are able to assault my other squad and the immobilized rhino.  I do manage to chop 4 down, he gets one glance on the rhino to immobilize it, and he puts enough wounds on me where I have to wrap around.  He kills 2 more 1ksons and of course the blasted sorcerer.

My turn 2 and I get two warptimes off on the the prince and the Sorcerer left in the crater.  My 3 reserved units all fail to come in to play.  My dreadnought is not as crazy this turn and moves forward, as do my 1ksons out of their crater.

In shooting my Dread misses but the oblits manage to explode one of his rhinos.  The predator that can shoot shakes another rhino.  My 1ksons slogging toward his prince shoot at it and manage 1 wound. 

They charge him and he lands 3 wounds so I have to put one on each guy and DOH the sorcerer dies before he can strike.  Amazingly my 1ksons pass their 4++ and do land a wound as well to tie combat.  My DP charges into the lesser daemons and he kills off 4 and I think my 1ksons manage one as well.  The lesser daemons whiff on the prince but I fail my saves on my 1ksons.  He takes a few more fearless deaths and the lesser squad is looking small enough for my DP to manage.

Pat's turn 3 and his terminators come down and I warptime my prince.  His olbits advance on my pred, and one rhino comes up I think with the hope of providing cover for his DP if he gets out of combat.  His shaken rhino blasts up and dumps guys out and his other squad of PM get out of the crater to advance.  His last rhino moves towards his termies.

In shooting there is good/bad news.  His oblits only shake my predator, and his terminators also only shake my dreadnought.  On the other hand his two PM squads manage to explode my last rhino and take out 3 1ksons.

In combat his DP and my 1ksons fail to wound/make saves so another push!  My DP kills more lesser daemons and takes no wounds so more fearless deaths for them.

My turn 3 and I warptime my prince and my last sorcerer.  All of my reserves come in to play and I push them all on to the left flank.  My shaken predator moves off to the corner, my last 1ksons move out of the crater and the dreadnought advances as well.

In shooting my 2 Terminator squads kill off his oblits and I even saved one Combi melta for later.  My 1ksons bolters manages to kill 2 PMs.  My predator blows in rhino that had been shaken and that manages to kill another PM from the same squad.  The oblits Plasma Cannon his terminators and one overheat wounds a guy, and I manage to kill two termies and leave the Reaper Autocannon alive.

In combat my lesser daemon shake his rhino but whiff on his prince, and he kills one 1ksons.  My warptime sorcerer charges into his 4 man PM squad and I lose one guy but cleave down 2 more.  My prince manages to kill 4 more lesser daemons and the last die off too fearless saves.  He consolidates backward.
Note his Rhino by his hand isn't there, that's the one that just exploded yet to be removed from the table.
Pat's turn 4 his shaken rhino moves up a bit and deploys the PMs.  His unit from the crater advance forward.  His other rhino moves around the backfield and his terminator moves a bit as well.

In shooting his two PM squads open up on each terminator squad.  Due to some not so great shooting and wound allocation I only lose 1 in each squad, though I did lose my chainfist which is unfortunate.  His terminator is not able to break the armor of my dreadnought.

In combat my warptime sorcerer fails to wound the PMs sadly, and the powerfist kills off my two guys who fail their 4++ saves.  The consolidate into some cover.  His DP kills my last sons and I lose a lesser Daemon to fearless saves.

My turn 4 and I warptime my prince and my dread is not crazy.  My dread advances to his terminator and my prince flies up toward his 'center' unit.  My termiantors advance toward the closest PM unit.

In shooting my predator and both units of terminators shoot at the PMs in front of them and I think kill 3.  My other predator manages to stun his rhino approaching my dread.  My Oblits land two Plasma Cannons on his 'center' unit of PMs killing 4 of them (they had cover).

In combat my terminators charge his PM squad killing two more and I lose one guy in return.  His DP kills a few more lesser daemons.  My DP kills off the remainder of the 'center' PM squad and gets a 1" consolidate to go nowhere really.  My dread  can't manage to hit his terminator but he can't hurt me in return.

At this point we decided to tally up the kill points just so we knew where things lied at the top of 5.
He's killed all 3 1ksons squads and their 3 rhinos for 6 kps.
I've killed his lesser Daemons, 2 rhinos, 1 PM squad, and his oblits for 5 kps.
So the game is close...

Pat's turn 5 and there isn't much to move.  He backs up his rhino behind the ruins for some cover.  His 2 man unit of PM advance toward the dread.

There is no shooting.

In combat my termies kill one more PM and the last one kills no terminators.  His DP kills a few more lesser daemons.  His other two PMs charge my dread and while my dread kills his terminator his PF Champ wrecks my dread.

That means Pat has 7 kp to my 6 kp.

My turn 5 and I need to make the most of it.  My prince warptime and moves off to his unit of PM that killed the dread.

In shooting my pred shoots his rhino but only manage to stun it.  My oblits shoot at his other rhino but he covers saves the hits away. 

In combat my terminators kill off his last PM and I consolidate them away from each other and his DP.  His DP finally takes down the last horrors.  My DP kills off his PM on the right flank.

That brings us both to 8 kps.

We roll for turn 6 and the game ends!

This game was great fun and while it was slow for me to start (ie damn you smoke!) I think I got some good fortune in the later turns.   Had the game gone on it still could have been anybodies game as we both had a few 'easy' kill points that could be picked up but I did have some ranged guns that could have helped.

Either way it was a blast and we decided to play it back with a Seize ground Spearhead game I'll write up tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Predators Complete, Dreadnought Base Coated

Happy Easter!

I did get a couple games Friday that I'll do some battle reports later this week.  I just wanted to put up  a quick update on the painting table.  First and foremost I finished up the Predators.  These aren't the best pictures but then again none of mine ever are.

The airbrushed blue is subtle and it shows only so well, both in pictures with flash and in real life.  Someday when I have some time I might try to make the highlight more pronounced but for now, like the rhinos, these will do.
Of course I can now compare that to the base coat on the dreadnought that I airbrushed this weekend.

I tried to do him in coats like I did my other 5 vehicles, however it seems I just didn't get light enough.  I'm not sure if the picture can really convey it but in person even the subtle highlights look pronounced compared to the dreadnought.

This means I'll have to bust out the airbrush next weekend to get a lighter dusting/highlight on him.  I can't really manage that during the week as the air compressor is horribly loud and I only get an hour or so late at night.

So that means I'll just have to jump to the Obliterators this week to keep things moving along.

33 days until Kublacon and roughly 43 days until Baby #2 is due.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Painting (Again)

So I've returned from a long week away and I know I've got to get back on track with painting.  This weekend was awfully busy though it was great to be with the family after being away.

So I've got to work on getting these Predators done this week.

I've got the treads and the silver metal done.  The last big time consuming color I need to do is the yellow, then I can work on the details (Gold, Red, Green) but that will be quick.  Oh and of course all the silver bolts/dots too.

Of course on top of that I still need to do the turrets and the sponsoons, so that's a few more hours of work as well.  I think I can wrap that up this week but we'll see.

Once that is done I can get to work on the dreadnought.  His resin base came in while I was out which I am quite happy though this picture is a bit crap.

He sits on it quite nicely and I think it will be cool to get the clock painted up to add to that 'clockwork' feel the bases all have.

Hopefully I will squeeze the time in this week to hit those bits with primer and drag out the airbrush to get a nice blue base coat and highlights on the dreadnought as I'd like to have him done before the end of April.

38 days until Kublacon and roughly 48 days until Baby #2 is due.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick 1ksons Update

 I know, crazy to post twice in one night but I'm leaving early for a week away so I just wanted to shoot these up before leaving.

This is esentially the 1ksons army I would play at Kublacon if I can get it painted and the baby doesn't show up early.  I'm working on the predators now.

As you can see I did some work on the Ironclad to make him my 1ksons Dreadnought.  Like the vehicles I've decided to keep it mostly 'non spikey' and will go for a nice clean look.  It isn't perfect but I think with paint it will look nice.  Most of this conversion idea I will say I pretty much stole from someone else who made a much better and much more elaborate 1ksons dreadnought.  I am not a great modler or greenstuff artist, so I'm going to hope paint will make him look great.

Just a quick pic of the missile conversion.  This is the arm for the Ironclad Stormbolters, which I've mounted a Havoc launcher bit.  I think it works pretty well and is, again, simple.

The right hand is just the ironclad hand, now with magnetted flamer.

And of course the nice part of this kit is that if I decide I do not want the missile launcher I can use the other CC arm (though I need to still magnet on a botler of some sort).

I figure I'll finish the predators and then get to this guy and then I'll be done with vehicles.  Then it's just oblits, termies, and one more sorcerer.   If I have a little time I'll probably highlight the vehicles more.  I might decide to add a banner to the dreadnought.  Of course if I've got a whole weekend I'd definately like to tackle a display board.

Of course losing next week to travel means no painting, so I'll be pressed to get this done in time.

49 days until Kublacon and roughly 59 days until Baby #2 is due.

4/2 1500 Game 4: Sisters of Battle

An to wrap up a long day for Game 4 I played a Sister's of Battle army with a gents who's name I've regrettably now forgotten.  The pictures certainly help me pull together the play by play but I've certainly forgotten things like when he used faith points and those kinds of details.

His list looked like this:

Canoness, IP, Book, Blessed Weapon
5 Celestians Retinue, 1 metlagun, 1 HF- Immolater TL HF

5 Celestians- 2x Metlaguns- Immolater TL HF
5 Celestians- 2x Metlaguns- Immolater TL HF
5 Celestians- 2x Metlaguns- Immolater TL HF

10 Sisters- 1 Meltagun, 1 HF- Rhino
10 Sisters- 1 Meltagun, 1 HF- Rhino
10 Sisters- 1 Meltagun, 1 HF- Rhino

7 Seraphim, 2 hand flamers sarg had a Plasma Pistol

At this point the LGS had a new shift so a new guy came to give us the mission.  He declared Annihilation  with long table edge battle.  Later we had to ask about massacre/major/minor and we eventually settled on  <6 kp for massacres, <4 for majors, <2 for minors.

Looking at our armies and at least we both have 16 KP possible.

I think I won roll off for deployment and opted to go second.

Here is his turn 1 deployment.

And here it is after two turns of movement.  I'm shocked to learn he doesn't have smoke, my mortal enemy against drop pods, and eagerly/maniacly start wringing my hands evilly as I prepare to roll for my first drop.

And of course all I get down is one Troop choice and one Dread.  I put my dread down to go after a troop squad (only one normal melta) and another troop down next to him to block off another avenue.  My hop is I can create a traffic jam for him and he can't get all his fire power on my quickly.

My troops melta wreck one rhino but my Dread's melta only manages a stun.

We are already on to his turn 3.  He drives on immolater directly on to the wreck of his other and that plus his other disembarked unit kill a few guys.  His HQ immolater drives up a hill (12") and get out so they can melta my Dread.  They manage to stun him and blow of his CC arm.  I have extra armor so I can still charge on my turn.

On my turn 3 I get my Marshal squad, terminators and one speeder.  Not great but I'll take it.  I send my speeder off to the far left mostly as a distraction unit.  I put my terminators to the right to again hope to not take much shooting.  My Speeder on the left misses a long range melta shot, but my marshals melta make the HQs immolater explode.  I charge my dreadnought into combat with his stunned rhino but I think I whiff since I'm only Str 6.  My troops charge his unit of girls and the fast immolater with my fist.  I fail to hit the immolater but kill some girls with minor losses and we consolidate with them.

His turn 4 and he is able to bring two troop units and one immolater to bear on my Marshal squad.  The focused fire leaves only the Marshal (who is wonded) with his melta gun pal.  His cannoness and gals wreck my dreadnought.  Another troop in a rhino pops my marshals drop pod.  I think he had a unit of celestian disembark from the immolater that helped fry my marshal to double melta my speeder not seen on the left.  In combat I finished killing his girls on the 'top' and make a decent consolidation toward the action, while my marshal move up toward the cannoness with Zeal.

My turn 4 and I get my last units in now and am set for a turn to make break the game open for me.  My EC squad comes down to the left and deploy basically starting in the crater left by my speeder.  My other troops come down behind his empty immolater.  My last speeder comes down just south of my termies.

My EC squad shoot his celestian squad that had downed my speeder and managed to kill 3.  My newly arrived troop unit meltas their immolater to death into and explosion.   I also send off my loan melta to make another rhino explode, and both of those explosions take a few girls down with them.  My troops up 'top' move and wreck the other immolater knocking out the celestians from there.  My speeder only manages to stun a rhino.

In combat that same unit rolls an amazing 6 to catch the celestians and wipes them out (I think I only lost a melta for dangerous terrain, but I did lose a few lads also).  They consolidate to try to make it out of LoS of his Seraphim but I can't quite make it that far with them all.  My termies crash into his cannoness and thanks to invul save faith she lives and one girl does and I think I lost a TH/SS guy.  My marshal also assault a unit of girls and smacks a few dead and lives another day.

His turn 5 and the pressure is on him now.  His left most troop jumps in the rhino and hits the reverse.  His two last Celestians try to run away from the ECs squad.  His other troop in their crater shoot my lone melta guy dead.  His Seraphim unload shots on my troop squad and they kill me down to one man.  In combat my terminators wrap up killing his HQ and retinue, though I do lose a Claw guy.  My Marshal pops a few more girls off as well.

My turn 5 and my speeder only manages to immobilize his rhino.  My EC squad kill his two Celestians in combat and consolidate toward his rhino.  My Marshal also finishes off the last of the girls he's in CC with.  My termies charge into list last troop unit but I'm not able to kill the squad off.

Since this didn't have a 'game ends on turn 6' like the last ones we roll to see if there is a turn 6.  There is not.

I've killed his Cannoness, her retinue, their immolater,  all 3 celestian squads, all 3 of their immolaters, 2 of the sister squads and one of their rhinos.  12 kp I think.  11 if the retinue doesn't count as one but I thought those do now.  /shrug

He's killed my dread, one troop, one pod, one speeder.  4 kp.

Either way you slice it a Massacre win for me.  Even with my odd 'only two' drops on turn 2 I was able to neutralize taking heavy fire on following turns for the most part (the exception being my Marshal's squad).  I also finally had a game where my Melta's managed to hit where as most of the day they seemed fond of ones and twos.

So with that the day comes to an end.  It turns out a SW army had massacred 4 armies, so gets a 1600.  Then we're told two players tied for second and that was that.  I wasn't shocked as I lost one came and drew another, but was wondering if maybe I had slid into third.

Then 2 minutes later as were cleaning up the tables the guy comes in and say 'oops miscount, Templar got second, they tied for third.

As it turns out the scoring went like this:
Massacres 400 pts
Major Victories 350 pts
Minor Victories 300 pts
Draws 250 pts
Minor Loss 200 pts
Major Loss 150 pts
Massacred 100 pts

So the guys who 'had' been announced as tied had gone  1 Massacre, 1 Major Vicotory, 1 Minor Loss, 1 Massacred for 1150.  My 2x Massacre, Draw, Minor loss actually netted me 1250.

So a little shocked I graciously took my $40 gift card, and with a few extra bucks bought my prize.

Which I figured would be a nice basis for my Batcrap-Crazy Chaos Dreadnought.

It was a fun day with four great and challenging games, even if the LGS seemed a little under prepared.

Now I'm just need to focus on getting the 1ksons ready for Kubla at the end of May.  I doubt I'll get a tourney in before then as I'm 'using' my one free day for Kubla. 

Of course that is also assuming baby #2 doesn't show up a week early! :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/2 1500 Game 3: Tau

Sorry, I've been sick so the battle reports have been slow coming.

Game 3 and I'm up against Gus's Tau.  I've played Gus many moons ago, I'd guess over two years probably.

Here's the current version of his Tau Empire:

Shas'o- Plasma/MP/ Flamer + HWMT+ 2 Shield Drones, SI
+1 Shas'Vre Bodygaurd, Plasma/MP, TA, HWMT, BSF
+1 Shas'Vre Bodygaurd, Plasma/MP, TA, HWMT

Shas'o- Plasma/MP + MT+ 2 Shield Drones
+1 Shas'Vre Bodygaurd, Plasma/MP, TA, HWMT, BSF
+1 Shas'Vre Bodygaurd, Plasma/MP, TA, HWMT

6 Firewarriors + Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod
6 Firewarriors

4 Pathfinders + Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod

Hamerhead, Railgun, Disruption Pod, MT
Hamerhead, Railgun, Disruption Pod, MT
2 Broadsides. 1 Team Leader, Target Lock, ASS, 2 Shield Drones

Gus, much like I've been thinking, has gone for firepower over scoring units.  Unlike my Tau choice he's gone with 2 3 man teams (5 when you add shield drones) that have loads of upgrades but that does provide some Multiwound/Equipment Shenanagins.  I tend to go for more bodies and less upgrades when it comes to my Crisis suit selection.

The mission is basically Spearhead, with Objectives in the center of the non deployment corners.  Kill points also play into the breakdown of the massacre/major/minor wins.

He wins the roll off and chooses to go second.  I'd rather be going first, but on this heavy terrain city board I decide to try to pin him in to a very cramped table quarter.

Here he is his force at the end of turn 1.  You can see the building on the top right really sucks up a lot of space in that quarter.  He put his Devilfish and troops in deployment, and I didn't really worry about the fact that the devil fish for the Pathfinder might have needed to roll separately than the firewarriors it was obviously intended for it.

My turn 1 and I get a really good drop.  I think one speeder stayed out.  One troop goes over to camp the far 'left' objective.  The Champ squad scattered back but into cover, and the dread scattered way off also (you can barely see the pod in the picture below).  The termies and marhal hit down and the speeder rolled backward but was fine.  Most shooting was not much to speak about (as usual) but I did manage to kill to pathfinders and they broke.

His turn 2 and one of his FW/DF teams comes on the board.  He's torn because he had hoped to get two to try to kill down my one squad, but one is not going to be enough so he deploys it with his main force.  The Emperors Champ squad is whittled to only 3 guys but they RZ forward, but my marshal takes a few losses and fails his LD to fall back a few inches.  My Landspeeder is also immobilized.
 My turn 3 and my other troop and speeder come down.  I put the speeder down safe behind the other, and drop the troop down to try to hold the other objective.  My dread moves their way  to support them and pops smoke.  I don't think my shooting is grand but I do make some combat charges.  My marshal charges the Broadsides and his squad is able to kill them.  My termies charge the pathfinders to help with their advance and kill them to consolidate into some cover.  The EC and his two remaining lads charge one of the Crisis teams.  Believe it or not I only killed one Shield Drone and lost a dude, so we tied combat.
His turn 3 and his other Troop comes on to bolter his mechanized advance which is inching up to 'my' objecitve.  He does manage to down my dreadnought, and I may have lost a few other bodies to shooting.  The impressive thing this turn is his HQ team kills my PF before it strikes, and the EC only manages one wound for another tied combat.  Maybe Shield drones are better than I thought on these squads!
My turn 4 and I start pulling back a troop squad to camp 'my' objective.   My marshal goes after a hammerhead to no avail, and my termies combo charge his suits and the other hammerhead.  I still don't do anything to the hammerhead, but the crisis suits can't stand up to that many attacks of doom.  In the consolidation they move toward his flank.

In his turn 4 he knows he's got to divide some effort for a chance at winning this game.  His hammerheads move off to plug pie plates down on my only troops sitting on the left objective.  He pushes forward with  his devilfish, and he focuses what firepower he can on my troops on my objective.  If all goes well for Gus he can shoot me off the objectives and take one with a surviving FW squad.

My turn 5 and my termies EC can not catch a vehicle nor JsJ Crisis team because he's blocked me off with drones from the fish.  I do my best in shooting, and I also charge with my Marshal, but all I can manage is stunning the Devilfish.  Destroyed would have been nice, but stuns do help.  The termies kill off the drones easily in combat.

His turn 5 and his hammerheads whittle my troop on the left objective down to one guy.  His Crisis shoot at my troop and take a few more bodies down.

My turn 6 and the only tactical move I can think to make is to drop my speeder in such away that his crisis can't jump to double tap plasma my troops.  In shooting I suck, and in combat I kill one Devilfish.

His turn 6 and his hammerhead kills my lone guy, and the rest of his army (1 crisis team, 1 devilfish, and 12 FWs) lay fire into my guys.  They go to ground (thus also avoiding even having to take the RZ test) and I am left with 4 guys standing on one objective.

While the other objective has nothing.

This was a game that I could have seen get away from me quickly do to some aggressive early drops.  I I think the terrain really hurt him, as I have said many times about some of these tables and shooty armies.

As it stood I had the more objectives and more KP (but barely) so that made this a Massacre Victory for me.

Last game of the day: Sister of Battle!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/2 1500 Game 2: Tyranids

Game 2 and I draw Jason's bugs.  After several losses to his Eldar over the last few weeks I at least feel lucky to now play a different army. :)
His army looks like:

Tyrant – Lash Whip, BoneSword, Old Aversary, Paroxysm, Life Leech, TL –Devoureres w/Brain Leech, Acid Blood 
2 Tyrant Guard with Lash Whips/ Rending Claws
2 Venomtrhopes
3 Zoanthropes with Mycetc Spore
3 Hive Guard
25 Hormagaunts with Toxin Sacs
15 Termagaunts with Toxin Sacs
Tervigon- Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
Mawloc with Regeneration 

The mission was Dawn of War, 6 turns, with the old Headhunter mission (5kp for HQs, 2 for elites, fasts, heavies, 1 kp for troops and dedicated transports).

We weren't sure how to count the Emperors champ and Tyrant Gaurd, so we decided we would call them both a 5 pt HQ choice.

In case you want a count, that means his army has 22 kps in this scenario to my 28 kp.  Oh and you need 8 kp more to Massacre, 6 and 4 for Major and Minor victories.  D-lightful for a 1500 pt game.

I don't even remember who went first.  I think it was him.  Time is not helping me remember this mission so clearly, so some of this might be slightly off, but it still gives a good impression of how the game went down.

I think this was him after turn 1.

I think on his turn 2 he shuffled some guys around, and the Mawloc went under.  Zoes stayed off the board.

My turn 2 and I got two whole pods in, and that was my elites.  Oh boy.  The dread maybe killed one bug, the termies ran to spread out to try to avoid Mawloc death.

His turn 3 and the Mawloc popped up with a small scatter, and I think that took out one of my TH/SS.

The Zoes stayed off.  He did some shooting but amazingly my dread lives but I think was stunned (or maybe DCCWless?).  The Mawloc runs to try to put some distance from the remaining termies in cover.

My turn 3 and reinforcements arrive in the form of my Marshal w/ Troops and my two HQ-less Troop choices.  I think I also dropped a speeder but kept it back and safe out of the way.  The marshal's squad ran for some cover.  Shooting was minimal, but I did assault his Mawloc with the termies, and figured the dread was going to die soon anyway so charged him into his Hormagant squad.

I killed the Mawloc and consolidated back to cover, and the dread killed a Hormagant.  :p

His turn 4 and his Zoes come down.  They shoot and kill a few marines.  I think his other shooting didn't do much.  His Tyrant is able to slip around to the back of the dread and wreck him, and his little bugs consolidate forward as the Tyrant slips back into cover.

My turn 4 and my last speeder and Champ squad come down off to the left in 'safety' area.  I know I've got to start to bring the assault or I'm just going to be picked apart.  My far left troops assault the termagants.  My termies and my Marshal squad assault his Hormagants.  My Troops on the right assault his Zoantrhopes and I multicharge to put the fist on his pod.  The Damn venom thropes mean there is dangerous terrain and every squad takes at least one casualty, but the one that hurts is my second TH/SS terminator.  Combat goes pretty well.  I can't but wound one Zoe put I do pop the pod.  My other troops win against the Termagants but a few hang tight.  I kill a good number of Hormagants and he takes a number of fearless deaths as well.  He pulls from the terminator squad, and in the end I have to try to consolidate to him but I can't make it.  Unfortunately because I have to move the full distance I am not out of cover, which is where I obviously don't want to be!

His turn 5 and in the excitement I have again forgotten my camera!

His tervigon spits out 9 or so gants put also taps out.  They charge into my troops on the left but I kill some more  and he takes a few fearless saves, but both squads remain.    I think his Hive Gaurd are able to shoot a Speeder down.  The Zoes whiff but I can't wound them either.  His Tyrant charges my termies, one gaurd goes after a pod, and the other taps my marshal.  The result is that my termies and pod die, my Marshal puts a few wounds on his HQ squad, and my remaining squad almost wipes out his remaining hormagant squad.

My turn 5 and there isn't much to move.  My speeder takes cover between a pillar that provides LOS.  My Champs squad charges in to assist the marshal.  In combat I think I finally kill the hormagants, but his Hive Gaurd kill off the rest of the marshals squad.  The Marshal takes two wounds, but puts enough wounds to kill off one of the Tyrant Gaurds.  My troops on the left are able to kill off both his gants squads, and I think my troop on the right kills the wounded Zoanthrope.

His turn 6 and his Hive Gaurd shoot a few of my now free troops dead and charge them with the Venomthropes and manage to kill my fist (doh).  His Tervigon charges and kills a pod.  In combat the Zoes and marines whiff each other.  The remains of my EC squad is killed off by his Hive Gaurd, my mashal dies and my EC is wounded, but his Hive Gaurd dies and his Tyrant is left with one wound.  I now remember my camera for this epic fight to the death!

My turn 6 and all that really matters is the Emperor's champ manages to make 2 4+ invul saves, and then take the one wound off the Hive Tyrant.

To lesser huzzah the Hive Gaurd kill of my squad while losing one guy, and the Zoes and Marines continue to whiff each other.

In the end The Champ came through for me.
I killed his Tyrant (5), Tyrant Gaurd (5), 2 Termagant squads (2), his Hormagant squad (1) and his Pod (1) for 14 points.
He killed my Marshal (5), my Termies (2), my dread (2), 3 troops (3), 1 speeder (2), and two pods (2) for 16.

Since this was less than 4 kps (yay ard boyz missions) this result was actually a draw.  Had the EC failed one of his Invul saves that would have put him at 21 kp and been a majov victory for him.

So once again the last dice rolls of the game determine the result of the game, this time pulling in my favor to eek out a draw.

It was a fun and incredibly fun game.  In any non semi-ridiculous Ard Boyz mission I think I lose this matchup, but with an silly mission and a little luck I feel thankful for the tie.

Next up:  Gus's Tau!