Friday, April 1, 2011

1500 Tournament Tomorrow

So I've signed up for a 1500 event at the LGS for Saturday.  I originally thought I would make a go of Ard Boyz fantasy for my 'one Sat of gaming a month', but I've since realized I'm really under prepared for that... which means I probably wouldn't have much fun.

I've been a bit half-assed  about putting together a list.  Part of that is because it is hard to get motivated about 1500 when most of my planning and purchasing is built around 1850.  Sometimes you can just make some cuts to go down but not always.  I don't feel like my orks or my thousands sons work well at 1850.  I feel like my orks are really built to function at 1850, and below 1750 the list really needs a rework.  1ksons are just too pricey, and below 1850 is like playing 1000 points in marines.  Two squads one hq and maybe some oblits?  Yawn.

That leaves Tau, BA or Templar.  Tau are always fun, but at the LGS where there is are some really heavy terrain boards I think they have challenges drawing LOS on advancing combat armies.  It can work but it isn't easy for an army that has challenges.  Plus my kroot hounds and 2 piranhas aren't done so they're out for now.

The BA could be interesting.  I've thought of a couple of things I could do.  Drop Dante and the 5 man, go with only two troops.  Drop the 5 man and one Vangaurd squad.  Drop Dante and the Sang Garud, add more assault marines.  Well that one requires paint, and the others just feel so light.  And again at the LGS with tons of terrain on some tables there are certainly risks in running an all deep strike army.

So that leaves Templar.  As much as I have interest in running a Mech force I've got nowhere near enough models and really I have so much on my workbench to paint I'm just not going to go there.  The Drop Pod option actually scales ok because the army is built around adding redundant sub 200 point units.  Add in the latest Templar FAQ and there are some compelling things to try.

Emperor's Champ, AACNMTO
Marshal, Terminator, TH/SS
5 Assault Termies, 3 Claws, 2 TH/SS, Furious Charge, Drop Pod
Dread, MM/HF, EA, Smoke, Drop Pod
5 Initiates, 2 Neophytes, Melta/Fist, Drop Pod
5 Initiates, 2 Neophytes, Melta/Fist, Drop Pod
6 Initiates, 2 Neophytes, Melta/Fist, Drop Pod
6 Initiates, 2 Neophytes, Melta/Fist, Drop Pod
Speeder MM/HF
Speeder MM/HF

Lots of Kill Points as always, but the Termies will probably either make or break this list.  The Marshal doesn't have my favorite Adamantite Mantle but hopefully the 3++ will come through for me.  I would really rather try the new improved Typhoon speeders but I only own one and it isn't painted.  I think they would give me some range and a weapon that could threaten things that single Melta shots are able to mitigate (ie Storm Ravens and Wave Serpants).

So we'll see how it goes.  It's a 4 game event so it will be long, and I might get the ringer on missions.  But the army looks good and on the heavy terrain tables it may work out well for me.  Expect some pictures and battle reports next week.

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