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4/2 1500 Game 4: Sisters of Battle

An to wrap up a long day for Game 4 I played a Sister's of Battle army with a gents who's name I've regrettably now forgotten.  The pictures certainly help me pull together the play by play but I've certainly forgotten things like when he used faith points and those kinds of details.

His list looked like this:

Canoness, IP, Book, Blessed Weapon
5 Celestians Retinue, 1 metlagun, 1 HF- Immolater TL HF

5 Celestians- 2x Metlaguns- Immolater TL HF
5 Celestians- 2x Metlaguns- Immolater TL HF
5 Celestians- 2x Metlaguns- Immolater TL HF

10 Sisters- 1 Meltagun, 1 HF- Rhino
10 Sisters- 1 Meltagun, 1 HF- Rhino
10 Sisters- 1 Meltagun, 1 HF- Rhino

7 Seraphim, 2 hand flamers sarg had a Plasma Pistol

At this point the LGS had a new shift so a new guy came to give us the mission.  He declared Annihilation  with long table edge battle.  Later we had to ask about massacre/major/minor and we eventually settled on  <6 kp for massacres, <4 for majors, <2 for minors.

Looking at our armies and at least we both have 16 KP possible.

I think I won roll off for deployment and opted to go second.

Here is his turn 1 deployment.

And here it is after two turns of movement.  I'm shocked to learn he doesn't have smoke, my mortal enemy against drop pods, and eagerly/maniacly start wringing my hands evilly as I prepare to roll for my first drop.

And of course all I get down is one Troop choice and one Dread.  I put my dread down to go after a troop squad (only one normal melta) and another troop down next to him to block off another avenue.  My hop is I can create a traffic jam for him and he can't get all his fire power on my quickly.

My troops melta wreck one rhino but my Dread's melta only manages a stun.

We are already on to his turn 3.  He drives on immolater directly on to the wreck of his other and that plus his other disembarked unit kill a few guys.  His HQ immolater drives up a hill (12") and get out so they can melta my Dread.  They manage to stun him and blow of his CC arm.  I have extra armor so I can still charge on my turn.

On my turn 3 I get my Marshal squad, terminators and one speeder.  Not great but I'll take it.  I send my speeder off to the far left mostly as a distraction unit.  I put my terminators to the right to again hope to not take much shooting.  My Speeder on the left misses a long range melta shot, but my marshals melta make the HQs immolater explode.  I charge my dreadnought into combat with his stunned rhino but I think I whiff since I'm only Str 6.  My troops charge his unit of girls and the fast immolater with my fist.  I fail to hit the immolater but kill some girls with minor losses and we consolidate with them.

His turn 4 and he is able to bring two troop units and one immolater to bear on my Marshal squad.  The focused fire leaves only the Marshal (who is wonded) with his melta gun pal.  His cannoness and gals wreck my dreadnought.  Another troop in a rhino pops my marshals drop pod.  I think he had a unit of celestian disembark from the immolater that helped fry my marshal to double melta my speeder not seen on the left.  In combat I finished killing his girls on the 'top' and make a decent consolidation toward the action, while my marshal move up toward the cannoness with Zeal.

My turn 4 and I get my last units in now and am set for a turn to make break the game open for me.  My EC squad comes down to the left and deploy basically starting in the crater left by my speeder.  My other troops come down behind his empty immolater.  My last speeder comes down just south of my termies.

My EC squad shoot his celestian squad that had downed my speeder and managed to kill 3.  My newly arrived troop unit meltas their immolater to death into and explosion.   I also send off my loan melta to make another rhino explode, and both of those explosions take a few girls down with them.  My troops up 'top' move and wreck the other immolater knocking out the celestians from there.  My speeder only manages to stun a rhino.

In combat that same unit rolls an amazing 6 to catch the celestians and wipes them out (I think I only lost a melta for dangerous terrain, but I did lose a few lads also).  They consolidate to try to make it out of LoS of his Seraphim but I can't quite make it that far with them all.  My termies crash into his cannoness and thanks to invul save faith she lives and one girl does and I think I lost a TH/SS guy.  My marshal also assault a unit of girls and smacks a few dead and lives another day.

His turn 5 and the pressure is on him now.  His left most troop jumps in the rhino and hits the reverse.  His two last Celestians try to run away from the ECs squad.  His other troop in their crater shoot my lone melta guy dead.  His Seraphim unload shots on my troop squad and they kill me down to one man.  In combat my terminators wrap up killing his HQ and retinue, though I do lose a Claw guy.  My Marshal pops a few more girls off as well.

My turn 5 and my speeder only manages to immobilize his rhino.  My EC squad kill his two Celestians in combat and consolidate toward his rhino.  My Marshal also finishes off the last of the girls he's in CC with.  My termies charge into list last troop unit but I'm not able to kill the squad off.

Since this didn't have a 'game ends on turn 6' like the last ones we roll to see if there is a turn 6.  There is not.

I've killed his Cannoness, her retinue, their immolater,  all 3 celestian squads, all 3 of their immolaters, 2 of the sister squads and one of their rhinos.  12 kp I think.  11 if the retinue doesn't count as one but I thought those do now.  /shrug

He's killed my dread, one troop, one pod, one speeder.  4 kp.

Either way you slice it a Massacre win for me.  Even with my odd 'only two' drops on turn 2 I was able to neutralize taking heavy fire on following turns for the most part (the exception being my Marshal's squad).  I also finally had a game where my Melta's managed to hit where as most of the day they seemed fond of ones and twos.

So with that the day comes to an end.  It turns out a SW army had massacred 4 armies, so gets a 1600.  Then we're told two players tied for second and that was that.  I wasn't shocked as I lost one came and drew another, but was wondering if maybe I had slid into third.

Then 2 minutes later as were cleaning up the tables the guy comes in and say 'oops miscount, Templar got second, they tied for third.

As it turns out the scoring went like this:
Massacres 400 pts
Major Victories 350 pts
Minor Victories 300 pts
Draws 250 pts
Minor Loss 200 pts
Major Loss 150 pts
Massacred 100 pts

So the guys who 'had' been announced as tied had gone  1 Massacre, 1 Major Vicotory, 1 Minor Loss, 1 Massacred for 1150.  My 2x Massacre, Draw, Minor loss actually netted me 1250.

So a little shocked I graciously took my $40 gift card, and with a few extra bucks bought my prize.

Which I figured would be a nice basis for my Batcrap-Crazy Chaos Dreadnought.

It was a fun day with four great and challenging games, even if the LGS seemed a little under prepared.

Now I'm just need to focus on getting the 1ksons ready for Kubla at the end of May.  I doubt I'll get a tourney in before then as I'm 'using' my one free day for Kubla. 

Of course that is also assuming baby #2 doesn't show up a week early! :D

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