Monday, April 25, 2011

4.22 Friday Night Game 1

So my friend Pat came over to play a few games last Friday.  We both brought our 1850 list from practicing for Kublacon and that makes it a CSM grudge match of Nurgle vs Tzeentch!

Pat's list:
DP, Mark of Nurgle, Wings
3 Terminators, CombiMelta/PF, CombiMelta/ChainFist, Reaper Autocannon
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Melta, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Melta, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Plasma, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
7 Plague Marines, Icon, 2 Plasma, Champ w/ PF, Rhino
20 Lesser Daemons
3 Obliterators

My list:
DP, Warptime, Wings
3 Terminators, 3 CombiMelta, 1 PF
3 Terminators, 3 CombiMelta, 1 Chainfist
Dread, Missile, HF, EA
6 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, Melta Bomb, Rhino
6 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, Melta Bomb, Rhino
6 Thousand Sons, Icon, Warptime, Melta Bomb, Rhino
9 Lesser Daemons
3 Obliterators
Predator, Autocannon/Las Sponsoons
Predator, Autocannon/Las Sponsoons

He's got me on bodies, but I've got a bit more range going for me.  I think we're pretty evenly matched and it really will come down to the missions.

First battle we pull is long table edge and kill points.

Here's the table.

Pat wins the roll off to go first.  He's got his 4 rhinos pretty central with the DP behind one.  He's deepstriking the Oblits and termies and obviously the Lesser Daemons.

I spread my line a little.  I too tuck my DP behind a rhino, flank the rhinos with the preds, and have the Dread on the far flank next to the oblits.  I think going forward I'm just going to man up and put him right in the middle of the army as on the flank he ends up being out of range (though the missile launcher range does help).
 Pat's turn 1 and rhinos advance and pop smoke.  DP is hiding.

Dan's turn 1 and Crazy dreadnought rages running forward.  Or course this meant running into some trees. :p  My rhinos also advance up and pop smoke with the DP following behind them.  I however reach out with my predators and oblits.  Hits are made across different rhinos, but I think Pat makes all 5 smoke saves.  Damn you smoke!

Pat's turn 2 and he gets his oblits to come down and his lesser daemons.  The oblits shoot at the predator on my left flank and pop the autocannon and Stun it.  His rhinos advance 6 so everyone can shoot.  I fail EVERY smoke save.  DAMN YOU SMOKE.  Two of my rhinos explode.  My left most rhino I manage to lose two 1ksons in the blast and I think one in the right explosion but also takes out a handful of lesser daemons as well.  I think one of his bolters on the rhino picks of another in the left squad. 

My only salvation is that his DP fails his assault in cover, but his lesser daemons are able to assault my other squad and the immobilized rhino.  I do manage to chop 4 down, he gets one glance on the rhino to immobilize it, and he puts enough wounds on me where I have to wrap around.  He kills 2 more 1ksons and of course the blasted sorcerer.

My turn 2 and I get two warptimes off on the the prince and the Sorcerer left in the crater.  My 3 reserved units all fail to come in to play.  My dreadnought is not as crazy this turn and moves forward, as do my 1ksons out of their crater.

In shooting my Dread misses but the oblits manage to explode one of his rhinos.  The predator that can shoot shakes another rhino.  My 1ksons slogging toward his prince shoot at it and manage 1 wound. 

They charge him and he lands 3 wounds so I have to put one on each guy and DOH the sorcerer dies before he can strike.  Amazingly my 1ksons pass their 4++ and do land a wound as well to tie combat.  My DP charges into the lesser daemons and he kills off 4 and I think my 1ksons manage one as well.  The lesser daemons whiff on the prince but I fail my saves on my 1ksons.  He takes a few more fearless deaths and the lesser squad is looking small enough for my DP to manage.

Pat's turn 3 and his terminators come down and I warptime my prince.  His olbits advance on my pred, and one rhino comes up I think with the hope of providing cover for his DP if he gets out of combat.  His shaken rhino blasts up and dumps guys out and his other squad of PM get out of the crater to advance.  His last rhino moves towards his termies.

In shooting there is good/bad news.  His oblits only shake my predator, and his terminators also only shake my dreadnought.  On the other hand his two PM squads manage to explode my last rhino and take out 3 1ksons.

In combat his DP and my 1ksons fail to wound/make saves so another push!  My DP kills more lesser daemons and takes no wounds so more fearless deaths for them.

My turn 3 and I warptime my prince and my last sorcerer.  All of my reserves come in to play and I push them all on to the left flank.  My shaken predator moves off to the corner, my last 1ksons move out of the crater and the dreadnought advances as well.

In shooting my 2 Terminator squads kill off his oblits and I even saved one Combi melta for later.  My 1ksons bolters manages to kill 2 PMs.  My predator blows in rhino that had been shaken and that manages to kill another PM from the same squad.  The oblits Plasma Cannon his terminators and one overheat wounds a guy, and I manage to kill two termies and leave the Reaper Autocannon alive.

In combat my lesser daemon shake his rhino but whiff on his prince, and he kills one 1ksons.  My warptime sorcerer charges into his 4 man PM squad and I lose one guy but cleave down 2 more.  My prince manages to kill 4 more lesser daemons and the last die off too fearless saves.  He consolidates backward.
Note his Rhino by his hand isn't there, that's the one that just exploded yet to be removed from the table.
Pat's turn 4 his shaken rhino moves up a bit and deploys the PMs.  His unit from the crater advance forward.  His other rhino moves around the backfield and his terminator moves a bit as well.

In shooting his two PM squads open up on each terminator squad.  Due to some not so great shooting and wound allocation I only lose 1 in each squad, though I did lose my chainfist which is unfortunate.  His terminator is not able to break the armor of my dreadnought.

In combat my warptime sorcerer fails to wound the PMs sadly, and the powerfist kills off my two guys who fail their 4++ saves.  The consolidate into some cover.  His DP kills my last sons and I lose a lesser Daemon to fearless saves.

My turn 4 and I warptime my prince and my dread is not crazy.  My dread advances to his terminator and my prince flies up toward his 'center' unit.  My termiantors advance toward the closest PM unit.

In shooting my predator and both units of terminators shoot at the PMs in front of them and I think kill 3.  My other predator manages to stun his rhino approaching my dread.  My Oblits land two Plasma Cannons on his 'center' unit of PMs killing 4 of them (they had cover).

In combat my terminators charge his PM squad killing two more and I lose one guy in return.  His DP kills a few more lesser daemons.  My DP kills off the remainder of the 'center' PM squad and gets a 1" consolidate to go nowhere really.  My dread  can't manage to hit his terminator but he can't hurt me in return.

At this point we decided to tally up the kill points just so we knew where things lied at the top of 5.
He's killed all 3 1ksons squads and their 3 rhinos for 6 kps.
I've killed his lesser Daemons, 2 rhinos, 1 PM squad, and his oblits for 5 kps.
So the game is close...

Pat's turn 5 and there isn't much to move.  He backs up his rhino behind the ruins for some cover.  His 2 man unit of PM advance toward the dread.

There is no shooting.

In combat my termies kill one more PM and the last one kills no terminators.  His DP kills a few more lesser daemons.  His other two PMs charge my dread and while my dread kills his terminator his PF Champ wrecks my dread.

That means Pat has 7 kp to my 6 kp.

My turn 5 and I need to make the most of it.  My prince warptime and moves off to his unit of PM that killed the dread.

In shooting my pred shoots his rhino but only manage to stun it.  My oblits shoot at his other rhino but he covers saves the hits away. 

In combat my terminators kill off his last PM and I consolidate them away from each other and his DP.  His DP finally takes down the last horrors.  My DP kills off his PM on the right flank.

That brings us both to 8 kps.

We roll for turn 6 and the game ends!

This game was great fun and while it was slow for me to start (ie damn you smoke!) I think I got some good fortune in the later turns.   Had the game gone on it still could have been anybodies game as we both had a few 'easy' kill points that could be picked up but I did have some ranged guns that could have helped.

Either way it was a blast and we decided to play it back with a Seize ground Spearhead game I'll write up tomorrow.

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