Thursday, April 28, 2011

4.22 Friday Night Game 2

So I'm very behind on this battle report, but my free time in the evenings has been trying to get these obliterators done.  They are taking forever.

Anyway, on to game 2.  Spearhead and 5 objectives.  I won the roll off and decided I would go first.

I decided to put my dread a bit more forward/in the line this time.  Oblits are over in the building.  Patrick is walking the oblits on this time.

My turn 1 and the Dread is not crazy.  I advance cautiously and pop smoke.  My shooting isn't so bad.  I pop one rhino, and shake another.  Certainly I'll take that over the last game and not getting through the smoke.

Patrick's turn one and he advances as he can.  His shooting can't get trough my smoke.  Karma-riffic.

My turn 2 and everything comes down.  I decide to split up my terminators to try to remove both forward rhinos.  I put my lesser daemons in the backfield to conga line across two objectives.

My shooting is actually not great.  Despite doing everything I could to his rhinos I only managed to immobilize the two advancing units (which is still good because they were not 'on' objectives).  I also had to charge my DP into his 3rd rhino to make it explode, and of course managed to lose a wound from that!

Sadly I'm missing a picture from Patrick's turn 2 so this going from memory.   His lesser daemons came down near my prince.  He got his guys out of both immobilized rhinos.  His prince hopped over to my dread.  His other PM unit backed up away from my prince.

In shooting that same unit took a wound or two off my prince.  His oblits shot one pred and immobilized it.   One PM made my rhino explode and of course I lost two guys and one terminator.  The other PM units fired on the other Terminator squad and I lost 2 but both terminator units passed LD.

In CC his Prince killed my dreadnought in an explosion but got almost no consolidation.  Also his lesser daemons were able to kill my DP though they had a few losses.

My turn 3.  My heavy support focus the fire to kill off his DP.  My walking 1ksons shoot at some PM and I think kill two.  My terminators shuffle around and just basically get in the way.  My other two rhinos shuffle around an objective and pick off a few lesser daemons. 

Patrick's turn 3.   His terminators come down behind my rhino.  Both PM units back up a bit.

In shooting my rhinos amazingly survive shots from both his PM and his terminators, but I believe it was weapon destroyed and immobilized.  My solo terminator is shot dead by another PM unit.  His last PM unit shoots at my 1ksons, as does his oblits, but he only kills two and the sorcerer manages to live.

In combat his lesser daemons charge both rhinos, and glance the immobilized one to death.  The other is unharmed.

My turn 4 and I warptime on all three sorcerers.  My last mounted squad unmounts to move toward the lesser daemons.  I move up my last rhino to sit on another objective, thinking I'll either go bunker there or maybe it will contest later.  My smaller squad of sons and last terminators advance on the nearby PM squad.

In shooting I am able to trim that PM squad a bit.  I also am able to lighten up the lesser daemons between my other two 1ksons.  My oblits manage to plasma cannon two of his terminators down.  I put one predator on to kill the last guy but he fails.  I decide to shoot at his oblits with the other and manage a Autcannon wound.

In combat my terminators and small sons squad kill the PM but I lose the 1kson, leaving the sorcerer on his own.  I kill many lesser daemons and I don't think I take losses, but after fearless save I'm still tied up with I think just one or two models.

Patrick's turn 4 and again my picture is missing.  I think he  shoots my termies with his oblits and I make amazing invul saves.  The aspiring sorcer is killed by his PM unit.  He also manages to explode my last rhino with that last damn terminator.

In CC I kill his lesser daemons.

My turn 5.  I warptime both aspiring sorcerers but one rolls an 11.  I shoot my plasma cannons and 1ksons at them and kill several.  I shoot one pred at that last terminator but he makes cover saves.  The other predator kills an oblit dead.

In combat my non warptime unit makes combat but the warptimed unit does not.  We push in combat.  My termies assault his other PM unit and I take one loss and inflict nothing but make my LD.

Patrick's turn 5 and I warptime my sorcerer in combat.  His terminator shoots my lesser daemons and kills one.  I think his oblits fire at my 1ksons not in combat and kills one or two.

In combat my terminator manages to live, and our other battle we each kill one and push.

At this point that combat is contesting one objective, but my lesser daemons are conga lined for two.

We roll for turn 6 and the game continues.  I shoot his terminator dead and kill one more Obliterator.  I had warptimed both aspiring sorcerers and they kill off his PM unit and consolidate on the objective.  My last terminator dies to his last troop unit.

We look at the board and we know this game is pretty much done.  With one oblit and a handful of PMs he at very best can hope to kill the remains of my two 1ksons squad and take one objective.  The lesser daemons are not really going to get shifted off the two objectives.

So another fun game, this time getting to get that first turn of shooting certainly helped.  Also I was able to use some range advantage.  Of course this is one of the few match ups that I actually manage a range advantage.

So more painting and more practice await!  I don't think I'll be changing anything in the list now as I've just got too much to do and at least I know how it works.

29 days until Kublacon and roughly 39 days until Baby #2 is due.

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