Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back to Painting (Again)

So I've returned from a long week away and I know I've got to get back on track with painting.  This weekend was awfully busy though it was great to be with the family after being away.

So I've got to work on getting these Predators done this week.

I've got the treads and the silver metal done.  The last big time consuming color I need to do is the yellow, then I can work on the details (Gold, Red, Green) but that will be quick.  Oh and of course all the silver bolts/dots too.

Of course on top of that I still need to do the turrets and the sponsoons, so that's a few more hours of work as well.  I think I can wrap that up this week but we'll see.

Once that is done I can get to work on the dreadnought.  His resin base came in while I was out which I am quite happy though this picture is a bit crap.

He sits on it quite nicely and I think it will be cool to get the clock painted up to add to that 'clockwork' feel the bases all have.

Hopefully I will squeeze the time in this week to hit those bits with primer and drag out the airbrush to get a nice blue base coat and highlights on the dreadnought as I'd like to have him done before the end of April.

38 days until Kublacon and roughly 48 days until Baby #2 is due.

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