Sunday, April 24, 2011

Predators Complete, Dreadnought Base Coated

Happy Easter!

I did get a couple games Friday that I'll do some battle reports later this week.  I just wanted to put up  a quick update on the painting table.  First and foremost I finished up the Predators.  These aren't the best pictures but then again none of mine ever are.

The airbrushed blue is subtle and it shows only so well, both in pictures with flash and in real life.  Someday when I have some time I might try to make the highlight more pronounced but for now, like the rhinos, these will do.
Of course I can now compare that to the base coat on the dreadnought that I airbrushed this weekend.

I tried to do him in coats like I did my other 5 vehicles, however it seems I just didn't get light enough.  I'm not sure if the picture can really convey it but in person even the subtle highlights look pronounced compared to the dreadnought.

This means I'll have to bust out the airbrush next weekend to get a lighter dusting/highlight on him.  I can't really manage that during the week as the air compressor is horribly loud and I only get an hour or so late at night.

So that means I'll just have to jump to the Obliterators this week to keep things moving along.

33 days until Kublacon and roughly 43 days until Baby #2 is due.

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