Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick 1ksons Update

 I know, crazy to post twice in one night but I'm leaving early for a week away so I just wanted to shoot these up before leaving.

This is esentially the 1ksons army I would play at Kublacon if I can get it painted and the baby doesn't show up early.  I'm working on the predators now.

As you can see I did some work on the Ironclad to make him my 1ksons Dreadnought.  Like the vehicles I've decided to keep it mostly 'non spikey' and will go for a nice clean look.  It isn't perfect but I think with paint it will look nice.  Most of this conversion idea I will say I pretty much stole from someone else who made a much better and much more elaborate 1ksons dreadnought.  I am not a great modler or greenstuff artist, so I'm going to hope paint will make him look great.

Just a quick pic of the missile conversion.  This is the arm for the Ironclad Stormbolters, which I've mounted a Havoc launcher bit.  I think it works pretty well and is, again, simple.

The right hand is just the ironclad hand, now with magnetted flamer.

And of course the nice part of this kit is that if I decide I do not want the missile launcher I can use the other CC arm (though I need to still magnet on a botler of some sort).

I figure I'll finish the predators and then get to this guy and then I'll be done with vehicles.  Then it's just oblits, termies, and one more sorcerer.   If I have a little time I'll probably highlight the vehicles more.  I might decide to add a banner to the dreadnought.  Of course if I've got a whole weekend I'd definately like to tackle a display board.

Of course losing next week to travel means no painting, so I'll be pressed to get this done in time.

49 days until Kublacon and roughly 59 days until Baby #2 is due.

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