Monday, May 2, 2011

4.29 Friday Night Game 1

A few more games for me and the 1ksons last Friday.

I used the same list I've been running up against Liam's 'Chaoszilla' list.

Prince, Nurgle, Wings, Warptime
Prince, Nurgle, Wings, Warptime
Greater Daemon
Dreadnought, DCCW x2
Dreadnought, DCCW x2
4 CSM, Melta, Champ w/ Combit Melta, Rhino
4 CSM, Melta, Champ w/ Combit Melta, Rhino
4 CSM, Melta, Champ w/ Combit Melta, Rhino 
4 CSM, Melta, Champ w/ Combit Melta, Rhino
2 Bikes, 2 Melta, Champ w/ PF
2 Bikes, 2 Melta, Champ w/ PF

So it's got lots of big targets.  And I'll say I really should have read his list better.  I went in assuming everything was nurgly (PMs or marks) and really nothing is but the princes.  So in retroscpect I should have been dealing my priorities differently...

NONE THE LESS the game we rolled was single objective and spearhead.  Liam won roll off to go first and this is our deployment.

Liam's turn one consists of advancing a wall of rhinos and blowing off one of my rhinos bolters.  He smokes his rhinos.

My turn 1.  Dread goes crazy.  My shooting manages to immobilize the 'top' defiler and put a wound or two on one prince.  The dread makes it to a rhino and destroys a weapon.

Liam's turn 2.  Wall of rhinos advance.  His shooting does nothing past my smoke.  Both his daemons charge my dread and and it explodes.

My turn 2 and I warptime my prince and one terminator unit comes down.  I blow up one of his dreads and immobilize his other defiler.  I think I only manage one more wound on his 'wounded' prince.  My prince charges his rhino but only manages to stun it.

Liam's turn 3.  I think his bikes destroy a pred.   His greater daemon comes out and charges and destroys my other pred.  He manages to make my 'bottom' rhino explode.  His wounded prince charge my terminators and kills all but one (but the fist died).  His unwounded prince charges my prince and he throws in his bikes as well.  I kill two bikes and I lose two wounds.

My turn 3 and my lesser daemons come down.  I decide I'll run them into cover and sit on the objective but my run roll of two is total fail.  My squad of sons out of the rhino kill off his bikes in shooting.  I think I managed a couple of wounds on the GD from the oblits.  In combat he kills of my last terminator, and I kill of his last biker before my own prince dies.

Liam's turn 4 and I think his dread rolls fire frenzy.  Of course in shooting he managed to make my rhino next to it explode killing two guys.  Then managed to shoot one more dead with the dread.  His GD charges my rhino and immobilizes it and stuns it.  One DP manages a charge on my lesser daemons thanks to my failed run roll, but he only kills 1.   His other DP charges my lower 1ksons and kills 4.

My turn 4 and my terminators come down.  They shoot his dread which explodes and manages to kill a terminator!  My thousand sons in their immobilize rhino get out to shoot the GD and put another wound on before charging and taking heavy losses.  My other charge his DP to help the lesser daemons out.  I lose two before the sorcerer kills the prince.  My sorcerer makes it to the objective and the lesser deamons are screening.  His other prince kills my last two guys and consolidates toward me.

Liam's turn 5 and rhinos shift around.  One goes back to sit on his objective.  The rest move forward.  My terminators survive on onslaught of shooting.  His prince charges my lesser daemons and kills some, and his GD keeps working down my 1ksons. 

My turn 5 my terminators make a last dash to get to his objective but take cover when they get a good run roll.  My wandering sorcerer charges into to help the lesser daemons out a bit.  Of course this time he kills all my lesser daemons off but my sorcerer kills the DP.  My fail consolidate roll leaves me off the objective.  His GD has my other squad down to the sorcerer as well.

We roll and the game goes to turn 6, which I'm only thankful of because of my poor consolidation roll.

Liam's turn 6 and one rhino moves forward to shoot my aspiring sorcerer dead.  Two rhinos go back and a barage of fire goes to my terminators.  However one lives and makes his LD.  His GD kills my last sorcerer.

My turn 6 and I think I shot his GD with the oblits and did a few more wounds.  My last terminator assaults his rhino and whiffs.

At this point my terminator is contesting and the other objective has not troops so it would be a tie.

But we roll and the game goes on to turn 7.  He easily kills of my last terminator but isn't able to kill my oblits off my objective.  Either way it is a victory for him.

So I think the funny thing about this game is the defilers and how we both thought about them.  I looked at them as a big threat since they are fast and they can tear through my lines, but Liam thought of them as a gun platform.  In the end they sucked up shots (and did get immobilized pretty early), but really as a gun platform they just didn't do much.  Even if I were normal marines there was plenty of cover from rhinos to the battle cannons.

Either way I probably should have concentrated on the rhinos early in the game.  If I could have stalled them back farther I could have slowed his advance a lot and used some of my range.  So I'm chalking this up to bad target prioritization on my part, but I gave it a solid go to the end to try (but fail) to scrape together a tie.

But still a challenging and fun game!

Next up Jason's Eldar (again)!

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