Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4.29 Friday Night Game 2

On to game 2 where I've got a rematch with Jason's Eldar.  You may recall I played and lost this same match up recently, and of course I've lost to it a few times with my Blood Angels right before that.  So I know the list is ded 'ard.

So use the feared and loved mission deck for the game.  He pull up the 'split the table diagonally, 24" no mans land' for deployment.  Aside from that it was a 5 objective mission where one had to be in the center.

I won the roll off and chose to go first.  I set up along my line.  Jason only set up his rangers in cover.

My turn one, I advance with a non crazy dread.  I take some shots at his rangers but do no damage.

His turn 1, his rangers shoot at my prince I believe but I make my saves.

My turn 2 and I advance again, probably a bit recklessly as I should remember those damn Fire Dragons are a pain...

The dread goes crazy and shoots my rhino a bunch with str 4 shots to do nothing.

Regardless my lesser daemons came in as well and I ran them back to camp my rear objective.  I dropped any shooting I could on the rangers and managed to kill two of them.  As a bonus they failed their LD and fled off the board!

Now his turn 2 and time to roll for reserves.  He gets his Dire Avengers, his Storm Gaurdians, one war walker squad, and his warp spiders.  That means his dreaded fire dragons, his jet bikes, and the other war walker squad are off the board still.  This is just huge for me!

His Dire avengers deploy by my prince, his warpiders drop behind my preds by my lesser daemons.  His War Walkers have to come in on the 'far' side.  His Storm Gaurdian units stay in his rear deployment to shoot and be near some objectives.

In shooting his Dire Avengers and their vehicle can not get through my Daemon Princes Armor save.  His Warp Spiders make one of my Predators explode and I lose one lesser daemon in the explosion.  His war walkers and other Serp fire at my rhino and manage to stun and immobilize it.  All in all not bad for me all things considering.

NOW if you look at that picture you'll notice another thing that helped me greatly.  The Warp Spiders didn't take their assault move.  We didn't realize it until the end of my movement phase, and Jason wanted to play it straight like a tournament game so I didn't argue.

My turn 3 and I warptimed my prince.  Both my terminators come down.  One lands spot on to be near his Storm Gaurdian's wave serp, and the other squad scatters back from his warwalkers and lands in terrain.  Of course one guy rolls a 1 to die.  My two mobile rhinos advance.  I decide I need to pivot my pred to deal with these warp spiders.

In shooting my oblits plasma cannon the warpsiders, and I kill a few.  Of course one also scatters on to my lesser daemons and I lose two more guys (down to 6).  My predator opens up on them and brings them down to two guys.  They now route and start booking away from me.  One terminator squad wrecks the storm guardian wave serpents.  The two man terminators fire one melta (I thought I was out of range with the second) and the 'immobilize' turns one unit in the squad of war walkers into a wreck.  My dread misses his shot at the war walkers.

The prince charges the Dire Avengers.  He kills 4 and takes no wounds.  Further more they fail combat and I run them down.  I wish I could have stayed locked in combat but who knew they would fail LD so badly.  I take a short consolidation.

Jason's turn 3 and his fire dragons and other warwalkers come on the table, but his jetbikes remain off again!  The war walkers come on again on the 'far' side and he gets the fire dragons out over there as well.

In shooting his wave serp by my prince makes my last predator explode.  His fire dragons melta my terminators to death.   Their wave serp makes my rhino explode.  His new war walkers kill two 1ksons from that group.  His other 2 war walkers manage one wound on the oblits.  His fleeing warp spiders land a wound on my prince.

My turn 4 and I warptime the prince and the dread is not crazy.  I send up my last mobile rhino over terrain and deploy my squad (which might have been foolish) to shoot his gaurdians.  The slogging squad moves around as well to be on a forward objective.  My rhino shifts to a firing lane, and my terminators can't roll out of cover so move to be almost out and take some shots.

In shooting my dread and terminator fail to do anything.  So do my oblits due to some good saves on his war walkers.  My 1ksons kill enough gaurdians in cover for a LD save... but I've gotten too lucky so far and they make their save to not run off the board.

I charge my prince into his other serp and kill it.

His turn 4 and his jetbikes finally come in, and I decided not to bother warp timing though I think I should have as I think it would have happened before his runes fella ended up on the board.  I just figured he's shoot my prince dead anyway.  As it turns out he did two wounds to the prince shooting, but killed him in CC.  I think I killed one back, and warptime would have helped immensely.

In other shooting he shot my rhino shaken, and whittled my 1ksons squad of 6 down to one dust bucket.

My turn 5 and I figure I best hustle if the game comes to a close now.  Thankfully my dread goes crazy and fleets off toward his war walkers rather than contributing to going toward objectives. :P  My lesser daemons are sitting on one objective, and I deploy my last full sons squad out of the immobilized rhino to sit on the middle objective.  My single sloggin 1kson jumps in a rhino that squats on one objective.  My 4 man 1ksons advance on his gaurdians.  My terminators advance for his full war walker squad.

In shooting I think I try to take a few oblit shots at his bikes and maybe kill 1 but not enough for a LD check.  I think my advancing sons kill one guardian.  My terminators kill one war walker with the chain fist.  My thousand sons charge into his guardians and I think we both kill two each.

His turn 5.  His bikes zoom up to sit on one objective and contest my horrors objective.  His fire dragon's serp blast up to contest my rhino/1 guy on that objective.

In shooting he manages to take 2 1ksons down off my center objective unit.  The fire dragons advance but only one can reach my rhino and he misses.

In combat my sorcerer lives but loses his last dust bucket, and the chainfist makes another war walker explode and oddly that kills my chainfist guy (and I think a fire dragon).

Of course since we're deep in the game I forgot a picture at the end of this turn.  In the end he is contesting two objectives, his storm gaurdians tied up in combat are just out of reach of his 'rear' objective, he's got his bikes on one objective and I've got one squad of sons on one.  So it would be a tie.

But we roll and the game goes onward.

My turn 6 and my dread is not crazy.  He moves forward.  The oblits move toward his bikes.  The sons on the center objective move up a little to shoot the bikes as well.  His bikes have a cover save but they lose one guy and take a wound.  My Dread can't hit his wave serpant contesting the one objective.

In combat my sorcerer finally dies, and my chainfist whiffs on his last war walker.

Again no picture. :(

His turn 6 and his bikes and war walkers focus on shooting my center troop.  Amazingly my sorcerer lives.  His fire dragons advanced and shot my rhino and wreck it.  In combat my last terminator fails a 2+ and dies.

I think at this point we measured to see if his bikes were contesting still with the horrors but I think he was out now since he pulled from the front and my daemons ran to block him out of there.  So basically still a tie game.

We roll and it is on to turn 7.

My turn 7 the oblits move up and rapid fire plasma his bikes.  All but one troop and his IC die.  My dread can't pop his serp contesting the last 1kson dudefella behind his wrecked rhino.

His turn 7 he takes some shots and kills my last aspiring sorcerer and we know that gives him the game.

The beginning of the game was really great for me, but his army is good and his tactics sound so he was able to claw into the tie by turn 5.  The mobility and firepower all helped late in the game, and alas turn 7 I just didn't have enough gas to keep this out of a loss.

Still it was a great and fun game considering that Eldar are probably the last army I want to draw.  Them and hordes, but it's going to be what it's going to be I suppose.

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