Monday, May 16, 2011

5.14 Friday Night Game 1

So Friday I got a few games in after work.  The first game was with Ryan's Eldar who I haven't played in quite some time.  Of course playing them with 1ksons is always going to be tough.

His list looked something like:
5 Fire Dragons (in Falcon)
5 Wraithgaurd and 1 Warlock in Wave Serpant
5 Pathfinders
Dire Avengers in Wave Serpant
Dire Avengers in Wave Serpant
Fire Prism
Fire Prism

I'm not really too sure about squad numbers or upgrades.  It didn't really matter since pretty much not many people ever needed to get out of the skimmer. :p

We got the single objective game and spearhead deployment.  Ryan was going first.  Here is the deployment.  Our objectives are both in far corners.

Ryan's turn 1 and he shot and scooted about the board a bit.  His rangers wounded one Oblit, immobilized one rhino, stunned another, and shook one predator.

My turn 1 I moved with a non crazy dread.  I may have shaken one of his flyers or two, and I smoked my forward rhino.

Ryan's turn 2 and more shuffling and shooting.  He outright killed one whole oblit, destroyed my autocannon off my shaken pred and shook it, killed the autocannon and immobilized my other pred and destroyed my dreadnought.

My turn 2 and one squad of termies come into play.  I realize not much of mine is going to be able to slog accross this table and my icons are too far back to make things worth while.  I go for a brave deepstrike behind his tanks and just barely scatter off the board with an 11.  A 10 would have left me in great position.  Alas the are now placed by Ryan, who puts them in a far corner and into terrain.  Of course one dies due to terrain.

I still persevere and advance what I can.  My mobile predator starts to fall back toward my objective and smokes.  My oblits do manage to immobilize and stun his fire dragon's ride.

Ryan's turn 3 and some more shuffling about the board.  I think the fire dragons leave the ride to start hustling around.  The wraithgaurd deploy and shots pour into my Prince for a few wounds and smoke helps deflect off any major vehicle damage.

Here is what Ryan's corner looks like at this point.

My turn 3 and the other termies and lesser daemons arrive.  I play it aggressive because my options are limited.  The termies manage to down the Wraithgaurd's ride.  The oblits shoot at the wraithgaurd with plasma cannons and manage to kill two.  The other termies and movable rhinos advance.  The prince still holds his 'shoot me' sign.  My guys back in the immobilized rhino to begin to hoof it over.  I know they are slow, but I figure 3 turns with run is enough time to get them over there about 24 inches away.

My lesser daemons charge his wraithgaurd just to tie them up for a turn or two and a few die.

Ryan's turn 4 and he knows he's got to start the flying circus to secure some objective.  His DA's serp blast toward my objective.  His other skimmers move away form his objective so they can blast back on it in turn 5.  He shoots two terminators and one oblit dead.  My slogging 1ksons make all their saves.

My turn 4 and everything I can send over to his objective I do, using rhinos to try to wall off his wraithgaurd.  My oblit and predator try to kill his DA serp and fail.  My guys move toward the objective an absolutely pathetic amount.  I'm now concerned I will not reach it in time.  I think my Prince manages to down one of the fire prisms.

Ryan's turn 5 and his DA unit is able to scoot within 3 of the objective.  His other skimmer jams over to his objective.  He kills my pred over by my objecitve, but his wraithgaurd whiff on my rhino.  He kills my last oblit, and 3 of my slogging 1ksons die to fire as well.

My turn 5 and my rhinos head over to land on his objecitve.  I put everything I can into killing his vehicle but I can't, and even if I could he's got troops inside.  My 1ksons squad makes a pretty sad movement and I think I'm out of range of my objective.

We roll for turn 6 but the game ends.

As it turns out the 1ksons were less than 1/4" in range of my objective.  The net result was a tie game.

Had the game gone on longer I certainly would be struggling to maintain a tie.  My 1ksons were probably going to die on my objective.  I'd need to clear off his serp and DA of his objective with whatever might have survivedthe next turn.

Where I really went wrong this game was not putting my objective in the right place.  I should have put it smack in the middle of the long board near my table edge.  With such a fast army like Eldar I needed that to be with more of my force, as even putting it deep wasn't going to save my bacon this game.

It was good to have Ryan back to play some games.  The early 1/2 of the game was just a pounding, even though Ryan couldn't put the final blow on my vehicles they were often crippled.  I was able to do a bit of damage is later than game but by then it was too late.

After this game I played Dave's bug, which I'll type up tomorrow night.

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