Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5.14 Friday Night Game 2

Game 2 for last Friday was against Dave's bugs.  Dave's been trying out different things in the list and is trying to get them WYSWYG for Kublacon. 

For this he was trying:

2 Tyrant Gaurd
Tyranid Prime
3x Hive Gaurd
3x Hive Gaurd
3x Zoanthropes
15 Termagants
15 Hormagants
15 Gargoyles
Trygon Prime

We rolled a 3 objective game and Dawn of War.  I can't remember who won the roll off but I ended going up first.

I placed one rhino and my DP up midfield.  Dave put out his Hormies off 18" and his Tryrant Gaurd directly in front of my units.

My turn 1 and I roll up the board.  I decide to advance my rhino and prince, which ends up being a huge mistake. 

Dave's turn 1 and he walks on the board.  His Hormies get a huge fleet roll, but his guns don't manage to get through my rhino smoke.  However due to his movment with his HQs he is able to join them up and all assault my rhino and his Hormies assault the rhino and the DP.  The end result is him killing my DP (I think I failed a fearless for the last wound) and my 1ksons can only get two guys out of the rhino due to being surrounded.  So I stick out my sorcerer and my guy carrying an icon.

My turn 2 and one terminator squad and my oblits come down.  I decide to try to help out my near dead sons.  The oblits come down to triple flame the hormies killing a good clip, and other shoots meltas at his HQ unit doing a wound.  My 1ksons shoot at the hormies also kill one or two.  I've got some other shooting around the board but nothing significant.  I figure I'll assault his hormies with my two guys but I was hoping for two much and they die, giving him a small consolidation.

Dave's turn 2 and his Mawloc comes on the board but scatters away from my vehicle.  His Tervigon spawns more bugs but I think craps out also.  His shooting goes pretty well considering his zoes I think insta killed 2 oblits, and he also popped my dread.  In combat I think his Hormies finished the last oblit.  His HQs charged my termies and due to going through cover they assaulted last, and with wound allocation shenanagins he only killed one.  I think that combat was a push.

My turn 3 and I'm missing a picture.  My other termies come down to unload meltas in to the mawloc doing two wounds.  I think my preds were shooting at hive gaurd and not doing well.  I was hoping my two hatch shots form the rhinos would dispatch his hormies but I only killed two.  In combat his HQ unit creamed my termies and got a decent consolidate.

Dave's turn 3 and his Trygon showd up on my far left flank.  He advanced up.  His shooting popped my far left rhino and stunned my far left pred.  His Mawloc assaulted one rhino and it exploded.  His HQ unit assaulted my pred but only managed to stun it.

My turn 4 and I think I risk a warptime on my 1ksons by his Trygon.  That's pretty much spells doom on that side.  My horrors come in and the assault the termagants over there.  We both kill each other down to leave not many guys.  My 1ksons midfield rapid fire and do another wound or two to the Mawloc, and My termies Mulitcharge the Mawloc and hormagants.  They somehow kill both without taking losses.  My other sons by his Trygon maybe manage a wound shooting and charge with the sorcerer managing another wound or so.

His turn 4 and I warptime my sorc in combat with the Trygon rolling doubles and dying to perils.  So much for any hope there!  This turn is the nail in the coffin.  His Trygon kills that troop unit off easily now.  He makes my far left pred explode, and I think he immobilized and stunned the other.  His HQ unit charges and creams my termies.  My horrors are down to 1 vs two gaunts by the end of that combat.

At this point we survey the board.  I've got one horror that is sure to die.  I've got a stunned and immobilized pred.  I have a full 1ksons unit in the middle of nowhere.  Dave's army is really in relatively good shape, but most importantly he's got troops on an objecitve I'll never be able to displace.  My 1ksons aren't likely to make it any objective.  They're most likely never going to avoid the HQ death squad.  He's still got a Tervigon that can like cruise over to another objective if the game goes past turn 5.  We call it a game asmore than likely he just tables me turn 5 if not turn 6.

What can I say.  It was a fun game but I definitely played poorly.   My opening moves were not good decisions.  I should have stayed back and just tried to trade shots.  You think I would know this by now.  You would be wrong.  And as you'll see from more battle reports I'll choose to continue to make this mistake.

Maybe after digesting all of these battle reports will pay off, but then again the army is still what it is so who knows if it will have any bearing on my tournament play.

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