Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Painting Update

So I've got guests in town so I'm getting home late, and while I intended to do the second bat rep I am wiped out.  So instead here are a few quick updates on the painting.

First we've got my new obliterators.

These are done, they just need to be hit with some gloss/dull coats to be 100% finished.

Next up I've been working on the Dread.  There are various details and cleaning up to be picked out but this gives a general idea of what the end product will look like.

I feel chalanged at this point for a few reasons.  One thing is I've tried to match the airbrushing I've done on the other 5 vehicle chasis (which I did all in one sitting) and was unable to match it prefectly, even with a second attempt.  So I've t hen also applied the methods I used on tthe troops to the dread and that hasn't been right either.  So I've got a concoction of painting styles that I'm not very happy with currently.

The second thing is he is just too blue.  The predators felt like they had enough color to break up all that blue (and since I'm not doing weathering effects which also help break up the model that doesn't help).  Yes there will be some silver bolts to pick it out but the lower half just looks boring.  I think I'm going to need to do those 'leg plates' above the feet in yellow.  That would help break the model up a bit visually, but am of course worried I'll just make his bad paint job worse.

I also picked up a frame and some other bits to actually try to knock out a display board in the last few days before Kubla.

In this picture you can see how the Dreadnought certainly looks close but not 100% right.  I think I might just have to live with it.  In the end he probably comes out of future lists anyway for more lesser daemons (which just take too long to paint in the time I have) so OHSWELL.

It is coming together slowly, and of course this could all be for nothing as my wife looks ready to pop and it is hard to see her making it to June for this baby.

But officially:
25 days until Kublacon and roughly 35 days until Baby #2 is due.

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