Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Weekend Update

A quick update from the weekends stuff.  I didn't get nearly as much time as I was hoping to get on moving the 1ksons along.  I thought for sure on Sunday I'd have a few hours when the kiddo took a nap and the wife was out but the child of course decided to forgo staying in bed.  Too much fun with daddy!

But I did squeeze some time into it and the board is coming together a bit.

Looks pretty good for how little time I've put in to the thing, but you can see my patience for doing the checkerboard ran out after working on the thing for an couple hours.  It is more apparant when I pull all the 'stuff' off the board.

Sure you can see the two giant cogs and the 'hill' area on the top right corner.  That leaves three big blank spots I need to fill in still with checkerboard.

AND that's only the Astronomican Grey, that's not even with the white coat I'll need to apply!

So I went out and found some more cogs that are looking pretty flat.  I'm hoping I can drop those on some of those bulks spaces to reduce more squares I'll need to paint.

Also while mucking around I think I am going to change up the postion of the tank/termies/oblits.

I think I like that better but of course I can just decide that If I don't put down giant cogs on the board.

Beyond that I did manage 3 games which I'll put up battle reports later this week.

I also sat down for a my first Warmachine/Hordes game.  It was just simple 15 pt game to continue to learn the rules and get a feel for the game.  I've read the hordes rule book so I had a pretty good idea, but obviously it is something else to just sit down and move models and roll dice (and read cards and move counters as in this case).  I'll say I did have a good time, and I can see the appeal and where the hickups learning the game will probably lie.  I certainly enjoyed myself well enough to want to play it again and see more of the workings of the game. 

I'll probably hold off on a purchase of anything until after Kublacon.  I've already told myslef I'll be doing that for video games as well, as I can't imagine getting the Terminators and the Display board done with temptations in the way.

13 days until Kublacon and 23 days until Baby #2 is due.

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