Friday, May 20, 2011

Saturday 5.14 Game

So Saturday I went out for a game night with friends.  As I mentioned I had my first Warmahordes games which was fun and I definitely look forward to getting more into that game system.

On the 40k side of things I got a game in with Andy.  Of the guys playing 40k his is the only army I haven't now run my army up against.

His army looked something like:

2 Sang Priests w/ gear and JPs
Death Company Dread
5 Death Company w/ JPs
10 Assault Marines w/ JPs
10 Assault Marines w/ JPs
10 Tactical Marines, Lascannon, Razorback

So it is a list with lots of bodies, but marines so that's good for me.  The priests of course add survivability, but with no libby I've got a pass to warptime.

We pulled from the feared 'mission deck' we sometime used.  What we got was the deployment with the 24" zone diagonal down the board, and only two objectives in that dead zone.  Not too crazy.

I ended up deploying and going first.  I set up for most of my units to make the push.  I left both predator kind of in a rearguard to just cover one half of his deployment.  Termies and Lesser Daemons to deep strike.

He combat squad his tactical and deployed one assault company.  His Lascannon 5 guys bunkered in cover, his jump pack guys had terrain, and his razor had cover turn 1.  He kept one assault squad in reserve as well as the Stromraven w/ Astro, DC, and the DC dread.  Every one of his units got the red thirst.

My turn 1.  I don't think I even shot, or it worked in such a way that it didn't matter.

His turn 1 and he advanced with his Assault squad.  His shooting from the Lascannon and Razroback was harmless.

My turn 2 and nothing came down for me and my dread was not crazy.  I warptimed my prince.  My preds were out of range, but my oblits wrecked his razorback.  My DP charged into his assault squad.  I killed the priest and two other guys, but took one wound back.

Andy's turn 2 and my prince warptimes again. Both of units stay off the board.  His 5 man jump into the wreck of the razorback and they all past difficult terrain.  His lascannon  misses.  In combat I kill a few more guys and take one more wound.

My turn 3 and both my terminator squads come in but the horrors stay off the board.  I drop them down to each side to thinking I'll use them  as a counter charge unit near the objective.  I advance my rhinos to take objectives.  In shooting I kill 2 of his tactical.  In CC my warptimed prince kills the lat marines and consolidates a bit.

Andy's turn 3 and his Stromraven stays on but his Assault guys are still at the bar.  He moves it on 12 and deploys.  His lascannon makes my forward rhino explode.  He then unloads into my 1ksons with the rest of his guns killing 3.  His tactical unit charges them (Astro is now out of range) killing another.  His Dreadnought is also able to assault my termies easily with fleet and kills two.

My turn 4 and the horrors still don't show, plus my dread goes crazy shooty crazy.  I advance my oblits up a bit hoping to rapid fire plasma but I think I'm out of range.  I think I shot plasma cannons and managed to only kill one guy and maybe a wound on Astro.   I shift around on the right objectve a bit.  I leave my rhino side to take the str hits of the dread.  My preds shoot at the Stormraven that they've been waiting all game for and fail horribly to do anything more than shake it.  In combat my prince lends aide to free up my sorc who is the only survivor.  Shockingly my termie makes his two invul saves and sticks in combat.
Andy's turn 4 and his assault guys come down and take some cover.  He shifts his Stormraven to be back out of at least one of my preds ranges.  His Lascannon explodes another rhino and kills two of my scrubs.  He combo assault astro into my prince as well as his death company into my oblits (they have two fists).  We pretty much just creams everybody and consolidates back a bit.  His DC dread kill my last terminator and takes a big consolodate foward.

My turn 5 and my lesser daemons come down at last.  I put them to the rear to stay away from Astro.  My dread moves up now not crazy, and my termies start to move in that direction.  My feeling out of range of the Stormraven are instead able to make the DC Dread explode.  My 1ksons at last kill two more DC guys out of Astro's squad.

Andy's turn 5 and his Stormraven moves flat out to move to the objective I'm holding.   He looks like he might just be an inch or two short of contesting.  His Assault guys advance preparing to charge my termies, but in shooting they kill one guy.  Then I of course fail my LD and route 11 inches away.  Astro and co charge my last sons and just cream them also.

At this point it's look like if the game were to end I could have this!
But we roll and of course the game goes on to turn 6. :)

My turn 6 and my termies get to consolidate 3" and only shoot.  My only hope is to destroy the empty Raven, but with it moving flat out and ignoring melta shots that just doesn't work.  I added in what Predator shots I could but nope, nothing doing.

Meanwhile my horrors moved and ran to take cover in craters to hold an objective.

My Dread charged Astro and killed him and the fists only shook the dread.

Andy's turn 6 and he just shifted his Raven to be on the objective so if it went to turn 7 I wouldn't auto hit.  His assault guys moved over shot up a few horrors and charged them and wiped them off.  Somehow my dread and his DC killed each other according to the picture below.  Honestly I can't even tell you what happened there.  Oh and his Lascannon popped my rhino spilling out my last 1ksons squad.

Not surprisingly the game ends there.  He's got an assault squad on one objetive, and his Raven is contesting my sons on the other.

Had the game gone on maybe I could have tied, but there was no way to win.  In a perfect world my warptime sorcerer + Termie PF could pop the Raven dead.  But of course there is no garuntee that happens.  There was no way I was  going to displace his other Assault squad + Sang Priest.

It was a fun game, as my games with Andy always are.  I think I was (sit down for this) way to aggressive.  I have got to remember what peoples threat range are when they aren't on the board.  I'm very comfortable with looking at guys on the table and knowing that range, but guys yet to walk on ALWAYS seem to catch me of guard.  The Stormraven + DC Dread has potentially some whacky 23-27" ish range.  There was no reason I really ever needed to cross into that kind of zone this game, but I did anyway and suffered for it.

Another great learning experience, if I can only hope I learned from it!

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