Sunday, May 22, 2011

Terminators Under Way

So lots of work on the terminators.  Sorry for the quick crap pictures.  The bodies and bases are done.  I've just got to finish up the arms now (which are all magnetized) which I've got all the base coat except for the boltgun done.

I was hoping to knock that all out this weekend but alas, not to be it seems.  Hopefully Mon and Tues will see me get those done.

That would leave a few nights to try to get that display board presentable.  No real work has gone into it at all since that last pictures I've posted of it.

I've actually found it a bit rough to be motivated since both my wife and I think this baby is coming really soon.  Her Dr on Friday says shes 75% effaced.  This weekend she lost her mucas plug (which yes sounds disgusting).  Of course both her Dr and the internet will point out that no two pregnancies are alike and those signs can mean a couple days or a few weeks. 

BUT of course we all know how this is going to work.  I'm going to be waiting all week for some sign, go to bed Friday thinking I'm actually going to get to go to Kubla, and wake up in the morning to my wife having contractions.

So this makes it a bit of a mental block to get painting done.  I know I should get it all done just in case I can go, but every bit of me says 'you're never going to get to go.'  Le Sigh.

6 Days until Kublacon, probably the same for baby #2!

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