Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuesday 5.17 Game

I'm going to skip over Saturday's game to bring you Tuesday nights game with Dave.  This was a rematch from yesterday's post, and you will see I once again fell into an over aggressive position.  Why am I pointing this out to you?  I don't know.  Maybe to shame me in to playing better.  Or just to say 'damn I suck.'

Anyway, this was a rare opportunity to get a midweek game.  My wife was busy and the kid was at the inlaws, and Dave's family is all out of town.  So we lined up for a rematch from the drubbing I received on Friday.

Dave made a few changes to the list.  Most notably he cut his Mawloc and the Tyranid Prime to add 11 Genestealers and a Pod for his Zoanthropes.

We rolled up spearhead and kill points.  I won the roll off and set up to go first.  My oblits are in the building.  Dave set up choosing to outflank with his Stealers.

My turn one and I had limited shooting options.  I advanced just a little and took what shots I could.  I figured I would focus fire on his harpies to slow them down, and that resulted in about 7 dead bugs.

Dave's turn 1 and he advances and spreads his guys out nicely.  He manages to make my center rhino explode and that kills one guy.  He also immobilizes my most 'advanced' rhino.

My turn 2 and my horrors and one of my terminators come down.  I drop my termies down to pop shots at the Trygon.  I'm a bit torn at what to do with the horrors.  I plop them down so I can charge the hormagaunts with my prince.  The problem is I'm ready to unload a bunch of AP3 bolters into them, but if I do too much damage he can remove models and I'll miss out on assault.  I instead focus on the gargoyles and kill them.  I fire 2 combi meltas off the termies at the Trygon (I thought one was out of range, but he wasn't) and do one wound.  The preds only manage a 2nd.

In combat I charge into his hormies with the lessers and the daemons.  The DP kills 4 with warptime up, but he creams 6 horrors and I lose 2 more to fearless saves.  I guess I should have shot them instead, or just less the lessers out of combat.  Either way I felt like I played that horribly wrong.

Dave's turn 2 I warptime with my prince and he fails.  His pod with Zoes come down and they scatter a bit but not much.  His stealers come in but they grab the 'wrong' side and even with a reroll he gets it again.  They come in and move into some cover.  He advances with everything, most importantly with the Trygon toward my dread.

In shooting he stuns both of my rhinos.  His Zoes I think also only managed to stun/shake my Dread.

In combat his Trygon charges to get my dread and rhino.  The dread explodes but he whiffs on the rhino.  His Termagants also join in on the DP combat.  I make every save with the DP and the Lesser Daemon dies.  I think only managed an awesome two wounds, and I think he failed his one fearless save per unit.

My turn 3 and I TOTLALLY SCREW UP THE RULES this turn.  I'm just laying that out there.  I'm an idiot and I apologize.  What I screwed up is my termies assaulted out of the deepstrike.  D'OH.  That's why we practice... right?  Right... practice being an idiot apparently...

So anyway ya the termies come down and Melta shot into the Hive Gaurd killing one.  My other termies advance toward his stealers as I figure I might as well take the charge away.  They and my squad of sons shoot them killing one. :p  My preds kill the trygon.  My oblits and other sons kill one zoe and one is wounded.

I Screw up royally and multicharge the termies into the Hive gaurd and hormies.  My DP had warptimed earlier and got double 1s to wound himself but was warptimed.  The end result is (GASP) in my favor as he loses lots of small bugs and the last Hive Garud dies to fearless saves as well.  Pretty great for me when I don't use, you know, the rules!

On the other side of the board I use complex unit rules to have one terminator take all the rends and he dies while the other two live.  Of course I only manage to kill on bug back in perhaps a karmarific move so we push.

Dave's turn 3 and more advancing where he can.  The Zoes shoot my rhino into a wreck.  I think the other Hive gaurd shoot my leftmost pred and only blow up a Lascannon.

His HQ unit charges into my termies and creams two of them again due to wound shenagins.  I think I made my warptime and kill more small bugs, maybe eliminating one of the units.  The genestealers again manage to kill one termie and I also kill one for another push.

My turn 4 and welcome to I forgot to take pictures again.  This always seems to happen around here right when we're excitedly in the mix of things.

As I recall I shot one of his Hive Gaurd dead, killed his pod, and killed one Zoe.  In combat he killed my terminator, and my DP died but not  before I killed the last of his little bugs.  His consolidations bring him closer to me.

Dave's turn 4 and more advancement to me.  His only real shooting is at my pred which he immobilizes.  In combat his HQ squad charges my last rhino which was immobilized and wreck it.  His Stealers charge into my 1ksons and just cream them utterly.

My turn 5 and I take what shots I can.  We know I'm behind on KPs.  I kill his last Zoe, but I can't manage to kill both Hive Gaurd as one still lives.  I try to whittle down the stealers but I think 4 are left.

His turn 5 and his shooting does nothing.  His stealers assault my Predator but do nothing.  His uber HQ unit charge my 1ksons and I manage to keep 4 guys around.

We roll to see if the game goes on to 6 but it ends.

He's killed: My DP, 2x Termies, Lesser Daemons, 2x 1ksons, 3x rhinos for 9 KPs.
I've killed: Hive Gaurd, Zoes, Pod, Termagants, Hormagants, Harpies, Trygon for 7 kp.

If the game had gone on I probably could have killed his stealers and his last hive gaurd.  But he would have probably killed my 1ksons in my turn, then charge the pred on his turn to kill it.  So all in all a net gain of 0 kps for me.

It sounds close but keep in mind my awesome assault that helped a lot.  Actually I'm not sure how big that was.  It did kill the HG, but the prince would have still killed both small bugs and his HQ would have still probably charged and wiped the termanators. So meh.

So there it is.  In reality I probably should have just stayed back and used what range I had.  Stay away from the HQ and let his little bugs either hang back by the slow synaps advance or charge early and deal with them without support from the choppy guys.  I'm just so eager to advance to use the DS off the icons, but really I should just let everything hang back and use those units for the counter charge.

Will I have learned this lesson?  Maybe.  Who knows if I'll get a game in before Kublacon as I've still got quite a bit of work to get done.

One more Battle Report from Saturday's game with Andy's BA I'll do up tomorrow night.

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