Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sat 6.18 Game 2

Game 2 and I sat down with my other pal Dave and his Slanesh themed chaos marines.

DP, MoS, Lash, Wings
DP, MoS, Lash
4 Termies, MoS, Various gear
Dreadnought, Autocannon, Missile Launcher
Noise Marines w/ Gear in Rhino
Noise Marines w/ Gear in Rhino
3 Oblits
Greater Daemon

This game was a version of the 'Accrue Resources' that I had played at Dundracon.  Basically there would be 5 resources and troops would 'gain' a point at the end of the opponents turn.  The new twist to this was that if the unit died those points were lost.  Also one troop could only claim one point per turn, so no '30 boyz on 3 resources' shenanigans.  OH and you couldn't be in a vehicle, I guess that makes it hard to harvest a resource!

Other than that I think the board was split corner to corner with a 24" dead man zone.  I think there might have been some special 'infantry can outflank' rule but neither of us chose to use it.

I won the roll off and chose to go first.  I put my two big troops with a big spread across my zone.  All of my mech was on the left flank and I planned on using it to go and disrupt his ability to gather resources.
That picture is actually after my movement, but you get the idea for my deployment more or less.

Dave set up his guys with Defilers blocking DP, oblits in the back, and rhinos ready to move.

So my turn one and obviously I shuffled my sloggers to sit on objectives and advanced up my mech force as well.

I was able to pop his front defiler with my kans.  I want to say my lootas also put 3 wounds on his flying prince.

He collects 0 resources.

Dave's turn 1 and he advances forward.  He jumps out some noise marins to start collecting resources.  His flying prince lashes my closest lootas and pull them out of cover.  He puts enough shots in to them to kill 4 but they make their LD check.

I collect 2 resources (one on the shootas and one on the sluggas).

My turn 2 and my wagons advance, ghaz and the manz jump out and I call the wagh.  The winged prince is shot to death.  His other rhino on the right flank is immobilized.

Ghaz fleets and charges his exposed noise marines, the rhino, and the dread.  The noise marines are wiped, the rhino explodes, and I'm left tied up with the dreadnought.

Dave collects 0 resources.

At this point Dave is cool with calling it a game.  This mission was not one that only two troops in rhinos were going to win, and definitely not against me having 50 orks in cover endlessly securing two.  I still had plenty of fire power and had taken a big chunk out of his list.  In some strange universe maybe he can kill the orks off somehow and manage a tie but that is pretty doubtful.

So since that only taken a whopping 15 minutes or so we decided to try another mission out and we ended up having a much more fun and competitive game that I'll post about tomorrow. :)

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