Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Has Arrived

Shockingly no posts these last few days as the new baby finally arrived on Thursday.

Logan Allen May, 9 Lbs, 12 Oz, 21"

That's a big boy!

I know, reading a 40k blog, you might think I picked that name after this guy.

But I did not.  I don't even like Space Wolves.

So then maybe this guy?
Well who doesn't love them some Wolverine really!  But no he's not named after him either, even though probably 99% of the population will always associate Logan with Wolverine.

Perhaps for the ultra geek they may look at this angle...

But no not at all.

The truth is it was just a name on a 'rack' of name plates at BabiesRUs and was one I liked and the wife did not disagree.  The whole name process thing is really a pain in the rear and my wife and I struggled with both kid's names.  So when you find one that one person likes and the other person is Ok with we had a winner.

Truth be told the ficticious character who I couldn't shake thinking about when I settled on Logan...

I hope that's not a bad sign!

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