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Sat 6.18 Game 1

I know there hasn't been much posting as of late.  The new baby has been keeping me busy so I haven't had much time in the evening for blogging let along playing games.

However I did make it out to Liam's on Saturday for several games.  So I'll try to get these up as quick battle reports over the next few days.

I brought my orks in the standard 1850 I've been running for months.

Mek w/ KFF
9 Lootas
9 Lootas
3 Manz, Kombi Scorcha, Kombi Rokkit
in a BW, Deffrolla, Armor, Big Shoota, Grot Riggers
30 Slugga Boyz, 3 Rokkits, PK/Bosspole Nob
20 Shoota Boyz, 2 Big Shootas, PK/Bosspole Nob
19 Ard Boyz, PK/Bosspole Nob
Buggie, TL Rokkits
Buggie, TL Rokkits
3 Kans w/ KMBs
BW, Deffrolla, Armor, Big Shoota

First up I got a game with Dave's Spacewolves, with basically his army I've seen before with I don't think much in the way of tweaks.

Termie Rune Priest
Termie Lonewolf, Combi Melta, Lightning Claw, 2 wolves
Termie Lonewolf, Combi Melta, Lightning Claw, 2 wolves
A ton of differently equiped wolf gaurd spread around w/ LR
7 Grey Hunters with Gear in Rhino
7 Grey Hunters with Gear in Rhino
6 Long fangs, 3 Lascanons, 2 Missiles

We decided to try the Kubla missions and rolled off and got the Rouge trader one.  Basically it is a kill point game but killing the other guys RT gives 2 kp, or getting yours off the opposite board edge is worth 2.  The guys has some really nice stats actually, but he can't use army rules or get in transports which means you are walking across the board.

Dave won roll of and set up tight in a corner, with his Wolf Gaurd all split up like he does, and the RT joined to the Long Fangs also.

I set up spreading across the table, keeping the RT with my 20 shootas figuring they will try to escort across the table.

Dave's turn one and he shuffles his rhinos and pops smoke, and his lone wolves advance up 4 or 5 inches.  His shooting immobilizes one Kan thus destroy it, immobilizes and weapon destroys one buggie, and he also pops Ghaz's BW.  I think I failed all 6 cover saves turn 1.  I deploy Ghaz as forward as I can.

My turn 1 I advance up my BW and the boys jump out so they can try to catch at least one of the lone wolves.  Ghaz then hops in their ride to hang with the KFF,  I advance with everything else.

In shooting I kill a dog out of each Lone wolf squad, and my lootas pop one rhino.  His troops fail LD and are pinned.  I run with my shootas to move up the RT to inch him toward the long table edge.

The Ard boyz charge the lone wolf and just make it.  He kills a few boyz, I kill the dog and I think the Klaw does one wound to the Lonewolf also.

Dave's turn 2.  His Rhino swings around and his LR advances.  I think my BW shrugs off serious damage and is only weapon destroyed and shaken.  I think he also immobilized my mobile buggy!

He charged his terminatros into our scrum.  I think I only managed to kill his lone wolf and he killed more boys but not many so we all hung out together.

My turn 2 and I continued to advance my shootas and sluggas up the board.  I deffrollad his Land raider but really only immobilized it.  I decided to get out only with my Manz to charge it.  I think my lootas may have killed one Missile Launcher Long fang.

My kans assaulted his last Lone wolf and killed him and consolidated forward.  My Manz assaulted the LR but basically only shook it.  My Ard boyz took more losses to the terminators but still held.

Dave's turn 3 and I'm missing a picture so probably some off memory on this turn.  I know he popped my BW and shot one Kan dead.  His rhino shuffled to 'block' assaults to his Long Fangs/priest/RT.  In combat he killed a lot more boyz, this time I fled and got away with a whole 4 dudes.

My turn 3 and I continue advancing with my swarm of boys.  The Mek leaves Ghaz to head over to the boyz and Ghaz joins up with the manz.  My lootas pop his last rhino and the guys pile behind it.  I think the other lootas killed his Long Fang Sarg.

My last Kan assaults his LR and pops it and out comes Logan and a few termies.  Ghaz and the manz assault his termies and cream them, but I get a sad consolidation away of 1 or 2".

Dave's turn 4.  He has his priest join his troops and the RT join logan. 
His Long Fangs shoot my Kan to death. 
Logan's group plasma my manz to death.  Somehow I fail my LD with an 11 and run like 8" away.  This pulls Ghaz out of assault range.

My turn 4 and I fuck this up a bit.

What I did:  Called the waagh, thinking that would make Ghaz and the other fleeing troop 'normal'.
Unfortunately looking now clearly the waagh (even Ghaz's) doesn't work on fleeing units.

What should have happen:  I should have continued running with my small squad.  Ghaz should have taken a LD test to recover.  Chances are I would have passed.  Then I would have called the Waagh.  Now he can't 'move' but he could fleet and assault.   The remaining question is did I have the distance to reach Logan.  The picture above looks like a long 12", but I measured that piece of grey terrain and it is 6.5 inches.  Still even if it was 10-12 inches I would have needed a good Slow and Purposeful roll (with 3 dice for being an IC) and that also assumes I passed that LD test.

So yes, I screwed up totally.

As it was Ghaz waaghed into Logan and killed him and took two wounds back anyway.  Dave creamed my 4 other guys that shouldn't have been in combat, but those attacks could have gone to Ghaz and I could have failed another 2+ save maybe.

Either way my shootas left the RT to fend for himself and waaghed behind the Sluggas.  The sluggas made it to combat and left I think 3 wolves left.

I think my lootas may have killed one more Long fang also.

Dave's turn 5 and I think he's out of options.  His long fangs are just able to reach out to my RT and put some wounds on him but he hangs on with one wound.  His Rune preist gets a good Living Lightening off and that ends up killing him.  Darn, only about 5 inches to he got off the board edge!

In combat Ghaz kills the last termies but takes a wound and remains tied up with the RT.  My sluggas move over toward his Priest and troops.

My turn 5.  The lootas go to town and kill the long fangs to the man.  The sluggas also charge into his troops and also manage to kill them and the priest down to the man as well.  Ghaz makes up for it by whiffing on the priest entirely and taking a wound but sticking in combat.

We roll for turn 6 but the game ends.  All he has left is the Rogue trader.

I had collected: Logan, Priest, Wolf Gaurd, Troops x 2, rhinos x 2, LR, Long Fangs for 9 kp.
Dave had killed: Battlewagons x 2, Kans, Ard boyz, Manz and the Trader for 7 kp.

Hrm I thought I had 10.  Maybe you got one KP if your guy died?  It was a little confusing as there were KP and VP.

Anyway it was a fun game.  I'm sure if Ghaz had not made combat it would have been much worse for me in the end.  I guess the question would have been would Logan and his guys dealt with all my troops better, and would Ghaz have ever made combat with him.  My last round was pretty great as well.

I like Dave's non typical space wolves and it is always a tough fight!

Next up Dave's Chaos Space Marines!

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