Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sat 6.18 Game 2.5

So Dave and I lined up for another game and pulled some new cards from the mission deck.  I think this one worked out to be split forces (put 1/2 your army in one 1/6 square and 1/2 in another) and single objectives in each deployment zone and one in the center.  If I recall it was actually a killpoint game but the objectives were worth 2 kp each.

I won roll off and started with again all my sloggers on the far right quadrant.  Dave put his princes, defilers, and dread in the far left quadrant.  I put my mech in the left quadrant (you had to be 18" away), and he put the rest in the right quadrant.

My turn 1 and I advanced a bit of my slgoggers.  I swung my buggies and wagons to the right center, as there was little point to duking it out on the left hand side of the board.  My Kans do go after one defiler and it explodes.  I think my buggies stunned his Dreadnought.  I think my lootas shot at his rhinos and they wiffed + cover for not much action.

Dave's turn 1 and his winged Dp jumped behind a dread and his slogging one ran to get some cover behind a white pillar.  His defiler advanced and popped one kan.  Something also popped a missile off of a buggy.

On the right hand side one unit of noise marines hopped out advanced, and shot up my shoota boyz to bits basically.  I think thy charged them to finish them off and lost three guys for the effort.  Their rhino advanced up with them (it must have been shaken).  His other rhino navigates around to stay near his objective and his termies and oblits advance up a bit.

My turn 2 I continue to shuffle my wagons up, but also try to a bit of blocking to keep the princes off my lootas.  My kans are able to destroy the other defiler (their 3rd defiler kill in two games).  One lootas sqaud made is rhino full of noise marines explode.  The other lootas and sluggas took the noise marines down to being just the champ.  My rokkits from the sluggas squad shook his other empty rhino.

Dave's turn 2 and his greater daemon comes down.  Rather than put him in the backfield he replaces his lone champ who is unfortunately still out of assault range.  His oblits still can't get through the BWs, his termies and noise marines advance.  He also moes up a rhino to do some blocking/work closer to my objective.  His dread makes my functioning buggie explode.

In CC both princes advance on the Ard Boyz/KFF wagon and it explodes taking a few boys down with it.

My turn 3 and I'm feeling the heat.  I decide to have my KFF jump into a squad of lootas, which was actaully a bad call but oh well.  He should have jumped anywhere else.  Ghaz blasts up to assault his backfield.  I pull back my sloggers to be out of range of the GD.

I dump all my loota fire and rokkits and BS into the GD and I think I managed to knock a few wounds off of him.  My kans fire at one DP and whiff.  The Ard boyz dumped fire into one prince and I think scored one wound.  Ghaz calls the waagh to help him get into position to charge the way I want.

Ghaz charges the oblits, and the Manz charge the noise marines.  The way he has to consolidate the manz can't be hit by the oblits, not that it horribly mattered I think in the long run.  Ghaz killed two oblits and took now wounds, and the Manz killed all the noise marines and I think took one wound.

My Ard boyz choose to only assault only the winged prince.  I score another wound and lose 3 guys, 2 more to fearless saves.

Dave's turn 3 the dread turns to advance on my kans and manages to blow off a KMB.  His termies back up to get into it with Ghaz and the manz.  His GD advances on my lootas that I attached my KFF to last turn.  DOH!

His other DP charges into the Ard boyz.  The two DP kill a good clip, but I do down the winged prince before losing even more guys to fearless saves. 

His GD charges my lootas, killing several.

Ghaz kills the oblit, the Manz kill one termie and take some wounds. 

My turn 4 and I don't have lots of movement.  My sluggas prepare to engage the GD, the kans advance on the dread.  I think the lootas just held tight since they didn't have much targets and I didn't want the rhino to explode on my boyz.

In CC my Kans and his Dread traded some wiffs.  His DP finally killed off my boys.  His GD killed the last lootas but the boyz brought him down.  The termies killed of the manz and put two wounds on Ghaz, but I think there was only one termie left standing when Ghaz was done.

Dave's turn 4.  His prince moves up lashes my lootas, and creams them (they route/get run down) though they manage another wound (think he had lost one in combat earlier).  His Dread dies to the kans and my kans consolodate over a bit.  Ghaz kills the termie and moves toward the wagon.

My turn 5 my kans move and run to try to head toward the action.  Ghaz hops in the waggon and it blasts down.  I move my KFF mek in a 'sorta' block to the DP, and the boyz charge and make the rhino explode killing a few more lads.

At this point Dave is cool with calling it a game as the other games are all wrapping up.  His turn 5 and all he has left is the DP.  He could pull the boyz off the objective with lash and charge them, but they very easily could bring him down in combat.  At best it takes him two rounds of combat and I'm off the objective if the game ends at 5.

So just looking at KPs;
Dave's lost a DP, GD, Termies, Dread, Noise Marines x2, Rhinos x2, Oblits, Defilers x2 for 10 kp.
I've lost the Manz, Lootas x2, Ard boyz, shoota boyz, buggie, BW for 7.

So this game was much closer at the least but I think some early good shooting by me really helped me deal with thinning down the threats early.  If Dave had gone first and had some good shooting this game could have ended much different.

The boys all debate a bit about getting in a (real) 3rd game, and we all decide to stick it out for one more.

Up next Andy's Blood Angels!

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