Monday, June 27, 2011

Sat 6.18 Game 3

So this is now a week old news.  I've got the pictures, but I'm sure my memory is going to be spotty at best so apologies now for any gaping holes or inaccuracies.

Andy brought a new twist on his Blood Angels.  I don't think I ever looked over his list so this is sketchy at best but it was something like this:

Death Company Tycho
Sang Priest
Sang Priest on bike
8 Death Company w/ assorted gear
10 Tact marines in Razorback
10 Tact marines in Razorback
7 Bikes + 1 Attack Bike
Land Raider Redeemer

I remember the mission was dawn of war, I think the game was a kill point variant maybe.  There were some other special rules I think but none really came into play that I now recall.

I deployed my 30 man squad central and spread, but enough to try to push his deployment back a bit.  He deployed two combat squad of guys with missile launchers.

My turn one and I roll on the table.  What little shooting I have is still enough to down a few marines.

Andy's turn one and he rolls on the board.  His shooting downs a few orks and a buggie explodes.

My turn 2 and there is some advancing going on and some more shooting.  I think I immoblized his razorback, and maybe stunned it also.  I think on the far left flank I was plinking at that razorback and combat squad as well.  Not a hugely impressive turn.

If you thought my turn 2 was unimpressive Andy's followed suit.  Bikes advanced, and shooting commenced.  More of my big ork mob died but they were still holding tight.

My turn 3 and some real connection at last.  My shooting put a pretty good hurt on the bikes, but I also charged him with the ard boyz and sluggas.  The net result was my actually winning combat and the last two bikes routing.  I kept the 'ard boys close enough to keep the bikes routing and tried to keep Ghaz's wagon protected from being hit with the LRR and Death Company doom.

I'm missing a picture of Andy's turn 3.  In a nut shell Tycho and friends munched on the remains of the Ard boyz after the LRR flamed a good clip of boyz.  That sums up his turn nicely.

My turn 4 and Ghaz's battlewagon makes the LRR explode.  I also shot his badly immobilized land raider to death.  Ghaz and manz engage Tycho and put a lot of hurt on, and I think I lost a Manz (I had called the waagh).  I think my sluggas also charged and killed a combat squad.

Andy's turn 4 and there isn't much doing.  He's got one Razorback that I think has no gun.  He's got a dude with a missile launcher who runs up like a crazy man trying to hit a BW in CC to no avail.  His last combat squad engages my sluggas.  They actaully kill a pretty good number, but are reduced to just one guy after i swing.   The death company squad are able to pop of the last manz with fists, but the manz go down swinging with Ghaz's encouragement to wipe out his death company squad.

At this point we call it a game.  This just ended in a big fat route.  I lost my manz, Ard boyz, and a buggie.  He had two marines and a razroback.  The deployment didn't help him as I certainly had more range threat with the lootas, and in this build I actually could choose most of my CC as well.

Still we had a good time and it was the end to a long evening of hanging out with the guys.

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