Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trollbloods Assembled

Eager to dig into the loot last night I knocked out all of the basic assembly of the Trollbloods.  I have to say I was nervous to work with metal based of my past experience with GW, but these ended up going together so smoothly.

First off the fit and finish of the models came together really well.  There are no giant gaps or ill fitting pieces that I came across.  Where pieces fit together are often at skin/armor type positions so the 'crack' is easily forgivable.  Only on my Heavy beast do I have some skin/skin lines that I'll need to do some further greenstuff to smooth out a bit.

Also I was worried about the pinning.  However I think the metal is a bit softer than GW metal so the pin vice seemed to work a bit easier on these.  Also this isn't like pinning some tiny little bits together.  These are pinning big arms to big bodies usually.  There was only really one small bit I was concerned about (the 'rider' on the back of the Dire Troll Bomber) but even that came out just fine with not much effort.

It also seems like there was far less deflashing to do both on the extra bits or mold lines.  And again what was there seemed softer and easily removed so that was certainly nice.

The one thing I have noticed is it seems like the 'tabs' on the feet seem to make the model stick up a touch from the base.  So I think that is to make the model actually stand on TOP of the flock.  That combined with the rimmed base is pretty cool.  However it means until the model is flocked and glued to the base some of them sit a little awkwardly.  So for the first time ever I might drop some sand down and glue the model to the base immediately after I get these primered.  That will be interesting to see how the painting process goes.

So first of all when I sat down to look at Trollbloods I really decided I wanted to build a list around models and less around l33t units.  I may regret this later of course. 

There were a few models in the troll range I really enjoyed the look of and figured out how to squeeze two of them into the 15 point list.

First off what I think is the best looking Troll caster:

So ruleswise I get the feeling Gunnbjorn isn't the world's greatest warlock but what a fantastic mini.  He's commanding, solid looking, has rokkits strapped to his arm and has a huge gun.  What's not to love.

The model came togehter really easily and I don't even think I pinned him as the bits fit so well together.

I also think all the Heavy Dire Trolls look great, but to start with I decided to with this dude:

A dire troll chucking explosive barrels like he was Donkey Kong, and another terrific sculpt.  I did use pinning on many of these bits, and I'll still need to do a bit of greenstuff to cover a few gaps, but that should be pretty easy.  You can also see his left foot is looking funny because there is not 'tab' there and it is kind of hovering without being glued to the base/flock.  Overall though he feels solid and looks good.

Getting to 15 points I just filled in with things that I planned on using at higher point games.

Here we have added the Troll Impaler, and a minimum Pyg Bushwhachers squad.  I think this gives me a nice mix with the warlock, a heavy beast, a light beast, and a unit.

Of course I have the updated cards and the plastic covers as well.

Jumping to 25 points doesn't add a whole lot.

Basically we take the min Bushwackers and bump them to the max, add a Slag Troll (light beast), and drop in some troll whelps for 'support' for lack of a better word.

Will it work well?  I have no idea.  I don't think it is bad and most of the list is straight forward.  Getting the most out of the bushwackers is probably going to be the real trick as they seem like a fragile harrasment unit.

So I'm looking forward to playing some games at some point.  I need to do a bit of the greenstuff and decide on a primer color to get these guys on the painting table!

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