Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dire Troll Bomber Underway

I hope evryone had a great holiday weekend.  I was quite busy between home improvement projects, BBQs, the fair, and family time.  So much so that very little of any hobby type activity took place.

I had a brief hour to start with some painting on the Dire Troll Bomber, and I just spent another hour or so getting some more paint on the model.

Basically all I've really managed is to get all the basecoat down with the exception of the skin.  Of course the skin takes up a majority of this model.  I think the skin basecoat will go on quick, and then I can work up the colors for that.  Then I'll bounce back to these other details with the washes and blending to finish him up over the next week.

The downside is I was really looking forward to getting some games this week but life seems to have other plans.  So that is quite the bummer, and I'm struggling to even find time to play a one off game.  I know this particular time of crazy busy work and balancing the new baby and toddler (and wife really) needs should be temporary.  Work will ebb and flow on the busy/slower side, and the kids will require a bit less of the constant hand holding from the wife and I.  Of course you can't help but wonder if this is just how life is going to be from now on regardless. 

Hopefully over the next month or two some balance of family/work/personal time will rise to the surface but for now the later of those seems to be completely out the window.  I don't mind being busy with these things as they are all obviously important, but it is wearing when you find no time to sit down and unplug yourself.

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