Friday, July 15, 2011

First Three Trollblood Games

So I got some games in last weekend with the Trollbloods at long last.  I had a great time, but Monday morning I was basically off to LA for the week so I hadn't been able to do any updates.

At this point I've pretty much forgotten all my games details, but I have some pictures I might as well put up for view.

First I played pats Khador.  This was a great fun game that basically seemed to come down to me trying to shoot him down before he could close in with me.

Things went pretty well for me and I was able to get a little assassination run in to kill his caster once I took the Jack out of the way he was hiding behind.

Next I played Eric's Everblight and as it worked out we ended up on the same table and same side for me so these pictures look awfully similar. 

His whole army was more or less stealthed and had a longer range than I did.  This meant I was chasing him around the board trying to hit him with my blast templates while he plinked off my trolls.

As it turns out it was fairly close.  I think this picture is the end of my turn where I just missed badly to try to get his caster, but I was also running out of fury with no more beasts.

Eric's next turn one of his beasts went crazy, but the two shots he could take just took me to 0 on the spot.  Had I been able to keep gunny up I just might have been able to take him down, but maybe not.  It was still a great game.

I did get one more game but I have no pictures.  It was late, I was tired, and I really got spanked hard.  It was kind of one of those games we expected to get eventually.  "Oh I didn't know you could do that.  Oh I didn't know you had that.  Oh I see why that was an incredibly bad idea on my part."  So ya, there were certainly plenty of lessons learned but the game was very brief by the standards of the other two games.

So I'm looking forward to other games, and am busy plotting the next acquisitions and building bigger and alternative lists.

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