Sunday, July 17, 2011

Painted Dire Troll Bomber

So a keen observer might have noted I did have my Dire Troll Bomber well underway in the painting process for last weekends games.  It was just a base coat, but this weekend I found the time to finish him.

I'm pretty happy with him.  I think the skin tones didn't get blended as nicley as they did on the Impaler but taken as a whole he looks fine.

The fire came out ok, I can't recall if I've ever tried to paint fire for a long long time.  I actually hopped around the net to see how people went at it and used some tips for my own home brew.  I was tempted to try to go for some glow effect but I don't think I've got quite the tallent and I don't really want to screw him up now that he is 'done.'

So with that I should probably jump to the warcaster next I suppose!

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