Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gunnbjorn Painted

So I finally spent some time this weekend to finish up Captain Gunnbjorn.

Looking at him now and I don't think I've got his skin quite as bright as I do on the other two trolls.  I think this is largely because I didn't have a really bright section like the belly which ends up getting quite a bright blue to my pallete that I end up picking some other spots of the brow and arms.

So I might go back later and drop a few more highlights later.

But for now I'll call him done.  I was prety happy with the way the green uniform came out with the tan trim.  I was concerned but it came out well, as did my concern the gun would look two boring with only silver and gold.  Enough washes and highlights make it interesting enough without it looking like to much is going on over there.

So moving along a bit, I've got reinforcements I think arriving tomorrow, and have quite a bit to paint in the meantime!

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