Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kreilstone Bearer Painted, What's Left?

So another week and I've got one guy to show for it.  I decided to do the Kreilstone Bearer since I had still had him in pieces since I figured it would be easier to paint with the stone off the trollblood.

More crappy photography.

I was a little lazy with the green glow on the the stones but with so many runes I wanted to do something quick.  In the end it isn't bad, not as great as blending but, meh, I wasn't going to blend every rune.

So what do I have left now?  Well to get my Gunnbjoun list to 35 I have exactly 13 guys left.  Oddly there are exactly 13 weeks of the year left.  So in a very low benchmark I should be aiming for a guy a week.  Now the wrench is I travel for 3 of those weeks, but maybe I can make it up with some holiday time or by getting a couple grunts done in one week.

First up I need to get through the rest of the Krielstone squad.  That's my first task.

The I'll probably move on to the Stone Scribe Eldar as that puts my 25 point list to bed.  Once done with that I'll have two solos left to get to 35 (the Chronicolor and the Fell Caller) but I might save these to mix in with...

The remaining Fellblades and the UA.  This I'm really not looking forward to as I've already knocked 6 down and another 4 don't sound fun.  At least by mixing in the UA and the other solos hopefully getting the last 13 guys done to get to 35 by the New Year will be a manageable feat.

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