Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stone Scribes Painted

So life has been quite busy as of late.  I've spent almost two weeks on the road so that has left very little time for... well anything.

I did manage to finish up my Stone Scribes before leaving for my work trip last week.

They fit in nicely with the Krielstone Bearer, and now I just need to finish up the Stone Scribe Elder hopefully this week.  That should pretty much keep me on pace for finishing 35 points by year end.

Last weekend I got a ton of games in for Warmachine/Hordes as we had basically 2 days of 'they boys' all hanging out to play games.  We played 3 40 k games, but I probably got about 10 games with my Trolls.

I think I only played 1 25 point game with Gunny, and probably 3-4 35 point games with Gunny also.  The rest were 15 point games which I just decided to run Borka.

I likey Borka.

Of course this kind of makes me question my painting progress.  I'd like to get this 35 points done, but at the same time that pretty much leaves Borka off the painting table until the new year.  I'm now questioning if I instead wrap up the Chronicoler since that would be 25 pts for Gunny, then move on to a Borka based list.

Not that it matters for much as there is nothing I'm shooting to really be done by or for, which is kind of depressing in and of itself.

Oh well, I'll just keep painting and see what shakes.

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