Sunday, November 20, 2011

Earthborn Dire Troll Painted

I know I have not been posting much, but as always this time of year is hectic.  Never mind having small children and having to travel more than normal for work, now we can add the holidays in to just make sure that I wont get much gaming done anytime soon.

I have however been trying to get painting done even though my motivation has been fairly low.  That and video games are still really compelling when I'm exhausted at the end of the day.

Either way here is one more Dire Troll complete.  I think the Bomber turned out better truth be told.  He was much smoother in the blending, and despite my efforts to try to work more brown/grey into the skin I think the Earthborn looks.. chunkier.

Not that chunky looks bad from a ways away.  I'm sure if you just look at these pictures the contrast of colors in the skin and on the rocks really stand out on the model.  But when you look closely (or make these pictures bigger) you can really see that the blending of the skin did not come out smooth enough, and the rocks is... well let's just say it wasn't quite the way I imagined it would turn out when I started.

So this is another model I'm calling done, but maybe later I'll come back and smooth him out a little.  Of course I say that but then again I think I know I'd rather work on newer models.

So I think it's on to Borka next.  Maybe I can get him and his keg carrier done by the end of November.  Then I could bounce to Grim to have that 3rd 15 pt option.  Then I'll move on to getting both casters up to 25 points.

And how knows, maybe I'll get a game in sometime before the end of the year!

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