Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stone Scribe Elder, New Plans

So I finished up the Stone Scribe Chorincolor over the weekend.

I'd say he's ok.  There are a few bit I'm not happy with but I just wasn't feeling this model really.  I think it shows a bit.  I got a little lazy on the scrolls, which could maybe be made to look like various worn leathers to add some character and depth.  I, however, was lazy and just went with metallics.   From the front it looks fine.  From the back I think he looks boring.

Even still this guy ended up taking two weeks to paint.  Again part of that was me not being horribly motivated, but the other part was some Batman: Arkham City action.  What can I say, I still like playing video games more than painting!

This does complete my Gunny 25 pt list, but I'm a little behind my whole plan of getting Gunny's 35 point list done by the end of the year. 

Of course now I've totally thrown that plan out the window.

After the number of games I played the other weekend I have decided that rather than pushing for 35 points I'll just build up a few other 15 pt lists first.  For one I found we did a lot of small point games, and I think we'll probably end up doing more small ones going forward.  Next I just don't see tournaments in my near future (both for lack of them being held as well as my busy schedule).  And lastly because once I knock out these other 2 15 point lists going to 25 for either is pretty much near done as well.

Earthborn Dire Troll
Fennblades Min
15 pts

Grim Angus
Slag Troll
Earthborn Dire Troll
15 pts

This basically means I need to get the two casters painted and the EBDT.  I know Gunny at 15 pts isn't thrilling, so that might be two decent lists to toy around with once they are done.

From there I can go back to getting the Fellcaller, the Chronicolor and the Fenn's UA and have 3 good 25 pt lists I think.  I'll probably have to do some tweaking, but it would be nice to have that wrapped up by the new year.

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