Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Trial Imperial Fist

So this is the first Imperial Fist painted in stages.  Not a huge update.  Some blurry phone pics I just wanted to snap while not losing steam painting.

This is going to be a very 'rinse and repeat' army.  All of these models are Out of Print, and they are all the same pose.  So I want a process that is easy to repeat and can be done relatively quickly.

This is the base coat.  I found doing the decal I was hoping impossible so I'm giving freehand a go.

This is the dip, I'm using the 'soft' this time instead of the darker tone I used on the Blood Angels.

This is the dullcoatte.

Since doing this guy I've decided to add splash of color to the left knee pad and a freehand arrow on the other shoulder.

I've been busy cranking out the rest of the troops, hoping to get them done this week.

It's pretty simple.  It looks... eh, ok I guess.  Not sure what I'm really hoping for of course.  Maybe when I get the troops based it will look a bit better.

I think I'm going to try a broken concrete type of 'ruined city' base this time.  With this thought I'll go for a kind of display base that is more city/hive warzone which should be a new challenge for me.

More pics to come soon.

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