Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Troops, First Terminator

So of course I've been staying busy these last few nights.  I've got the base coats on the remaining 14 Marines, dipped them and now they are drying.

 I also took my 1st guy and did some basing.

Overall not bad.  I see some places I need to touch up, and I think I need another dullcoate to take some shine off.

I think 10 minutes of highlighting might really make the yellow and silver 'pop' but I'm worried about how much time that will add on overall.

My goal is to get the marines wrapped up this week, get the terminators and the libby done before xmas madness, then get the 3 razorbacks done by the new year.  I'll have time off so that could be possible, it just depends on how much family time will occur (my guess a lot) and how late I'm willing to stay up some nights (also guessing a few of those).

That would leave first week of Jan for the Dreads, 2nd week for the Speeders, and 3rd week for the Predators.  Last week leading up to the event I'll try to get a display board done.

If I can get ahead of schedule at any time that then I'll maybe hop back and hit the marines/termies with I quick highlight coat as well.

Speaking of termies I also sat down to base coat the first trial guy.

I was really tempted to do the 'braces' on the back of the legs in black but again I'm just concerned how much time that will take.  I remember doing those on all my 1kson Termies and Oblits and it being a pain in the ass.

The black on the shield certainly took the most amount of patience and time.  The black is tricky to get in the gaps, and behind the shield next to the arm without dumping paint all over the body.

I ran this guy out for a dip as well.

With a little luck I'll find time to get the marines based up, and maybe I can pound out the Terminators on the weekend.  That would give me next week to get the libby done, and maybe a spare night to get those highlights done across the infantry!

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